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Essential Items to Pack for a Family Day Out

by Melanie Peterson

Taking the family out for a day can be a logistical nightmare. Anything more than one kid requires at least an extra bag to lug around, making you yearn for the days when you could just put your keys in your pocket and walk out the house.

To avoid packing up stuff that you really won’t need, and for your convenience, we have compiled a list of the essential items to take with you on a family day out.


In the panic of leaving the house it is all too easy to step outside, pull the door shut, and realise with that sinking feeling that your keys are still lying on the kitchen counter. Leave them somewhere obvious – somewhere that means you cannot even shut the door without having to pick them up (actually a great place is on the outside of the door, in the key hole – just don’t forget that that is where you have put it!).


These days EVERYTHING is on your phone. It’s not just a tool to use for emergencies, but it contains tickets information, the actual tickets themselves, maps, money, every singe aspect required to go about your daily life. 

Chargers and/or power pack

And following on from that, if your phone loses its juice, you’re scuppered. Our advice – always have a spare charger in the bottom of your bag for such emergency uses. And never tell anyone else about it, because it will probably disappear if you did!

Disposable vape

You won’t want your kids to know you smoke the occasional cigarette, so a disposable vape is essential to your sense of peace and calm during what may be inevitable stress of the day. Your disposable vape is discreet and can be tucked away for whenever necessary.


Any prescriptions that are taken daily – that’s a given. Maybe also a packet of Ibuprofen, some plasters, and a pair of tweezers for that inevitable splinter.

Pack of tissues

Tears and snotty noses are the staple of any family day out. So are spilt drinks and chocolate ice cream melting onto clean white T-shirts. You’ll need several packets of these. If you have daughters, an extra packet may be necessary should any toilets you use be missing toilet rolls.

Wet wipes

These go hand in hand with your packets of tissues. Remember, what needs wiping up is often sticky as well.


You may want to hide behind these.


If you don’t want to take out a mortgage every time someone feels a small tummy rumble, then it would be wise to pack a few favourite snacks. Days out can inevitably finish up at an unplanned restaurant or café which is designed purely and utterly to fleece the unsuspecting day trippers. Being prepared with the snacks means that you can buy time and search for a more affordable alternative.

Spare nappies and wipes

But only if you have a baby. Older children won’t need these.

Hat and suncream

If you want to avoid the tutting of other parents around you, then make sure your little ones are slathered and covered – even if its pouring with rain.

Spare change

Yes, I know everything is done with card or phones these days, even parking the car. However, it is inevitable that the carpark you choose will have a broken machine that will only take coins. Make sure you have a few pound coins tucked away in the bottom of your bag. (And again, don’t let anyone know they are there – or they’ll disappear without you realising it!)

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