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Things to Know About Traveling With Pets

by Melanie Peterson
Things to Know About Traveling With Pets

Vacations are just around the corner, and this year many of us are going to exotic places to enjoy our time and relax with our loved ones. But our loved ones don’t only include two-legged travelers, it is sometimes comprised of our favorite and beloved pets. Imagine yourself not leaving behind your beloved pets at some kennel or care center, and taking them along on your journey, what an experience it will be for the both of you!

Following are some of the important things to know before heading out on your traveling trip with your beloved pets. It is imperative to acknowledge them for the sake of your pet’s wellbeing.

Choosing the right airliner

These days, pets can enjoy their own cushy beds, and services at different hotels. They are also treated well on the airplanes and provided extra treats for their journey. But traveling with a pet is always considered risky and sometimes inconvenient due to unawareness amongst people. But people are not wrong to assume that as there are some cases in recent years that show commercial airliners have made it complicated and expensive for pets to go on vacations with their owners. However, you can call ahead of your booking and determine which airliner is willing to book your pet along with all the guarantees of its wellbeing. There are surely some that are known for their pet hospitality in mid-air.

Pet safety

One of the main things that concern a pet owner is the safety of their pet. Nobody wants their pets to be injured during the flight, or even worst, getting lost. We have different cases in recent past that have shown pet animals getting lost, or even killed in the flight. There is always the concern of danger onboard due to the complications of airline traveling. But there are certain airlines that offer special pet handling rates and their services are exemplary to all the pet owners. If an airline has a good reputation, we recommend you to go with it. You can also end up acquiring cheapest flight ticket for your pet if there is a promotional offer.

Pet Breed

Sometimes airlines will refuse to provide a boarding pass to your pet. But this is no point to argue with them for it, as it is only in the best interest of your pet. Pets with snubbed nose such as bulldog or punch face Persian cat are prone to breathing problems. If the temperatures are expected to vary in flight, you are also not advised to take your pets on the airplane.

Health monitoring

When you have successfully reached your destination of vacation, your job to look after your pet isn’t over yet. To be very honest, it is a never-ending job, so don’t skip any day to monitor the health and behavior of your beloved pet. Sometimes pets exhibit strange behavior when they are taken to new places. For this reason, it is imperative to keep them close and monitored until they are used to the new environment.

Keeping heads and paws inside your car window

When traveling with pets on a car, your pets will love to take out its head or paws outside your car’s windows. However, it isn’t recommended for you to allow your pet to do it. Taking your head out from the moving car is dangerous not only for a pet but also for a human. It can hit another vehicle moving alongside, or a signboard. So keep them always inside.

Pit stop

When traveling by road, it is imperative to avail multiple pit stops for yourself and your pet. Or else risk getting your car dirty. Pets have little power to control themselves, especially cats and some breeds of dogs. So you should stop every 3 hours and offer your pets some space to free itself.

Keep them hydrated

Dehydration in pets is common when traveling. Pets usually avoid drinking and eating when you are traveling with them due to the sudden change in their environment. This is normal and they tend to do it even if you change your home in the same city, but it is highly unadvisable to let them be. You should force them just like you will force your kids to drink water and eat their food.

Never leave them alone

Pets are just like kids. Although some of them are responsible due to their good training, some aren’t and they tend to play with you by running away and expecting you to follow them. For this reason, we recommend you to call them back and give them no slack to play until you have reached a safe destination such as you place to stay.

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