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What Gives an Edge to Magnetic Mosquito Nets Over Classic Mosquito Nets?

by Melanie Peterson

Mosquito nets are walking an extra mile in modern time to give ultimate protection to people from pests. Modern time is evident to a great shift in the type and quality of nets that are coming in market to provide protection against mosquito. We have magnetic mosquito nets which are way better than classic mosquito net. Here are some genuine reasons that will help you to understand why magnetic mosquito nets are taking an edge over the classic one.

Magnetic mosquito nets cannot be blown away by wind like classic nets

We are witness to the problem that we encounter with those traditional days mosquito nets which used to be blown away by a mild wind. But on the other hand when we talk about modern days magnetic mosquito nets they are not affected by wind much as their magnetic property help them to retain the wind without moving from the place. So classic mosquito net for bed is better replaced by the magnetic mosquito nets to give better efficiency to check pests to intrude your personal space. 

Magnetic net if get displaced can come to actual position immediately unlike classic nets 

Earlier people used to buy baby mosquito net so that their little one can have sound sleep but nowadays magnetic nets are serving one and all purpose. You need not to install different nets for every single person in the room as these nets can be installed on the source from where pests can entre, windows or doors. More if magnetic mesh gets out of its place either by your own fault or a strong and heavy wind then magnetic poles will attract each other and will bring the net back to its original state. This is one of the biggest advantage that we can cut when compare it to the classic mosquito nets.

Magnetic nets are highly efficient in pest repellence than classic mosquito nets 

Now the nest point that we can take in favors of magnetic mosquito nets on classic ones is that they are highly efficient to check the pests’ entry inside the domain. You need not to buy mosquito net for double bed or any other size when you have those barrier for mosquitos on your door and windows of the rooms. So if you are living with your family in an area which is very prone to mosquitos then make sure to have your balcony door and windows well equipped with magnetic mosquito net that can resist the entry of all sort of pest inside the room and you will not have any mosquito bite in the morning. 

Less prone to tear as compared to classic mosquito nets 

Those classic stereotypical nets gets damaged easily if you do not know how to fold mosquito net properly. More wind can also affect it to great extent or in a nutshell we can say that classic nets are having low lifespan when we subject them to comparison with magnetic mosquito nets. Those who buy magnetic mosquito nets and find it costlier but sooner or later they realize that it was an investment worth making. This is because these nets lasts for longer time and thus gives full benefits to the person who is making investment in it. Plus high efficiency of mosquito nets make them a good buy also.

So the above discourse on the advantages of magnetic mosquito nets over classic nets reach to a conclusion that you need not to enquire the mosquito net price and just go for buying the magnetic one. Basics 21 gives a good platform for buyers to buy magnetic mosquito nets and that is too at very low cost. Customers are dropping in big number on our site so that they can purchase quality, quantity if required in bulk, variety and good cost also for mosquito nets. Even if you are an old school and want to rely on those classic mosquito nets then also the choice is wide for you in that scenario. Classic mosquito nets either single bed, double bed or baby mosquito net everything can be availed from the basics 21 platform by buyers. 

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