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Tips to Follow While Renting a Room

by Melanie Peterson
Taking a House for Rent in Gurgaon or for that matter a PG requires you to observe everything minutely to avoid any trouble in later part. To ensure the maximum comfort at your resident place it is important to rent a suitable room always. It is a very tricky job to sift out a room which can meet your needs easily among thousands of room available on rent in Gurgaon. Here are few tips that will help you to rent a room in Gurgaon given to those who want to rent a room or PG in the city.

1. Save your room rent smartly by choosing affordable room 

While you are selecting a room on rent in Gurgaon the first thing that you need to take care of is the rent of your room. Only go for renting a room which is suitable to your pocket. Do not rent a room or PG in Gurgaon which is not affordable for you as it can put extra financial pressure on you. There are many affordable rooms available on low cost on several areas of the city which can be rented easily by the people.

2. Avoid renting a room in Posh locations

Rooms that are available for rent in post areas are always given at high rent and that is why should be avoided. Those who are staying in the city just for the sake of job or education got nothing to do with posh location. In spite of spending your money on renting a room in posh location you can invest that money on your study as well. Taking a room away from the city will always help you to save on your money for renting a room.

3. Rented room should be secure from external risk of thieves

If you are trying to cut your room rent and taking a room in an area which is prone to thieves and goons just drop that idea. The personal security from any sort of anti social elements and thieves is primary and cannot be ignored. If possible try to rent a room in society which is giving you proper gated security from such insecurities. A place which is your accommodation should be free from any sort of fear regarding thievery and risk of life.

4. Enquire about the terms and conditions while renting a room

It is the most crucial part of renting a room to enquire all the terms and conditions that are put forth by the landlord. Most of the time people are not aware of these terms and thus they have to suffer on later period of time. Talk about the guest visiting rules, parking facility for guests, late night entry in PG for Boys in Gurgaon etc. before renting a room. It will help you to get rid of paying any extra charges which later can be added to your rent.

5. Rent a room in location with best transport facility 

If you are not renting a room which is connected with best transport facilities it is useless to rent such room at low cost. This is because most of your money will get spent on the transport under such state. But when you are well connected to the centre of city at cheap transportation you can save on your money easily. So it is always suggested to the people by experts to rent a room with high transportation facility.

6. Check out the water availability 

Water is the basic need in residential space of any human being and it is very important to check the water availability in the place where you are renting a room. There are areas in Gurgaon where water scarcity is very common and you make sure that you do not rent a room in any of such area. Ask your landlord whether he is providing proper water facility in the place or not under the same room rent.

7. Power backup and other basic amenities 

If you are taking a room on rent in an area which is not equipped with proper power backup it can cause you a lot of trouble in comfortable stay. Gurgaon is a city which is running out of electricity majority of times. Under such circumstances having a power backup system is the need of the place. Make sure that you only rent a room when this condition of power backup facility gets fulfilled for you by the landlord.

8. Rent a room with proper sunlight always 

Sunlight is best for our body and eyes as well and that is why its need is very high in our resident. Always go for renting a room that can meet your need of proper sunlight and ventilation. Staying in a place which is not open with proper ventilation and sunlight can put a negative impact on your health. There are rooms which are lacking sunlight in Gurgaon and try to rent any of such room to ensure the best health and comfortable accommodation in the given city.

9. Your Work area should be close to your Residence 

Another most important factor that can influence taking a room on rent in Gurgaon is the distance between one’s office and home. A room which is being rented at very high distance from the work area is not worth taking. This is because you will spend most of your time in travelling in such case and your money will also get spoiled on transportation. Try to keep the minimum distance from the college or office from your accommodation.

So these are few most essential points that should always be in one’s mind while renting a room in Gurgaon. To regret in later part of time for renting a wrong room or PG it is good to rent a room wisely in the beginning. It will save you from different problems that people have to face with once they rent an inappropriate room for them in Gurgaon.

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