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Why is Direct Mail Marketing a Good Strategy?

by Melanie Peterson
Direct mail marketing lets you target specific audiences that your business may not be able to reach online. It is an effective form of advertising where potential customers discover an offer through the mail. The offer could be based on a product or service the company produces or a full range of products.

Why is Direct Mail Marketing a Good Strategy?

These are often the most responsive customers as they have chosen to be on the company’s mailing list and have an interest in their products and services. There are also targeted mailing lists with permission-based marketing purchased companies. These businesses also send direct mail to potential customers, and because the lists are targeted, they often have excellent rates of return.

Direct mail marketing is a great strategy that allows you to reach your target audience, draw their attention to your product offerings, and get them to respond to your brand.

Direct Mail Marketing and Digital Marketing

Because most of the targeted customers who receive mailings have opted in to receive them, the retention rate is higher, and fewer customers will ask to be removed from the mailing list. Most people who receive direct mail scan or read the advertisement before deciding to keep it or throw it away.

With digital marketing, emails can be blocked and sent to spam filters even after customers have subscribed.

Direct mail marketing can be combined with digital marketing for a more complete and total marketing strategy.

Targeted with Excellent ROI

Direct mail marketing has many advantages because it is very targeted to potential customers. As a direct mail advertiser, you can reach your ideal customer without having to mail a broad audience in the general area. You can create a list of potential targeted customers by selecting specific demographic information based on your company’s market research.

People who receive direct mail pieces will often find them easy to read and understand, and they will spend time reviewing the offer, which creates brand awareness.

It is also a valid form of marketing with every age group because most people enjoy receiving mail.

Direct mail marketing has an excellent return on investment and is a great marketing strategy that is on par with social media marketing and email.

Product Catalogs with Specials, Discounts, and Coupons

Many times, retailers will send product catalogs with incentives for customers to buy. Print catalogs sent by direct mail can help companies increase their sales volume.

There are many aspects of a catalog that can help with brand recognition and orders, such as product offerings and prices, vibrant images, and consistent colors and text.
Incentives like coupons and discounts will increase sales and referrals.

Tracking Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns can be traced to include leads and general engagement. When sending direct mail, you can add a trackable phone number specific to the direct mail campaign. If your mailing is to lead people to visit your website, a unique landing page is the perfect solution for tracking your results.

There are many reasons why direct mail marketing is an excellent strategy for business.

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