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How to Clear UPSC in the First Attempt?

by Melanie Peterson
Candidates who clear the UPSC exam in the first attempt are not born-geniuses. They aren’t even one in the million of population. They are ordinary IAS aspirants who have worked hard, eliminated beginner’s mistakes, and focused on their goals. So, the myth that surrounds IAS aspirants about the failure in the first attempt is baseless and illogical.

From IAS topper Kanishak Kataria (AIR 1, Batch 2018) to Tina Dabi (AIR 1, Batch 2015), from Shreyans Kumat (AIR 4, Batch 2018) to Soumya Sharma (AIR 9, Batch 2017), all of them are have cleared UPSC in their first attempt. So why can’t you?

The UPSC recruitment process

The UPSC examination is conducted in three phases:
• Prelims: It is a UPSC qualifier round which has two papers—General Studies 1 and Civil services Aptitude Test paper II.
The questions asked in this round of the examination are multiple-choice questions. For answering General Studies questions you will get 2 marks each. In paper II, each question consists of 2.5 marks. For each wrong answer, one-third marks (0.33) will be deducted.
The maximum marks you can score in Prelims is 400.

• Mains: After qualifying Prelims, you are eligible for taking the Mains exam. This round is to assess the intellectual intelligence and general awareness of the candidate.
The questions are subjective which requires excellent knowledge on the topic to frame an essay which fills all the criteria of the UPSC mains exam.
You require good writing skills to clear this round. The total score of the UPSC Mains is 1750.

• Personality Test: This is the final round of the recruitment process of the UPSC. You can fetch up to 275 marks in this round and this can help you to improve the ranking.
The IAS- interview round is taken by the panel of 5 experienced judges including the chairman of the board.

Things you must have to clear UPSC

  • One goal 
  • Focus
  • Dedication
  • Patience 

Things you must do to crack UPSC examination in the first attempt 

1. A schedule: For UPSC you need to study a minimum for 5 hours every day. And it is impossible to get a regular study without having a routine or a schedule. Chalk out a solid study plan and stick to it. No matter how boring it gets, just stick to the plan.

2. Limited book: There is ample study material in the market but you don’t need to buy every book you are being suggested by your friends or teachers. Stick to one or at max. two books each subject. IAS coaching in Delhi provides the best study material. Try them.

3. Time management: For every round of the UPSC exam you need to be well prepared. You can’t ignore “Time” which plays a vital role in the examination. Always set a time on your mobile phone or use a stopwatch while solving the questions. You need to know how much time it takes you to complete the whole question paper. This will not only help you to increase the timing but also to complete the paper on time.

4. No doubts: If you have doubts about the question pattern of the UPSC or anything related to your exam, make sure you clear every doubt before starting your preparing. Be sure about everything. Know the types of questions asked in the exam by going through the previous year’s question papers.

5. Revise: You must revise the topic you read the previous day. You can’t afford to forget everything you have read at the beginning of the preparation just a few days before the exam. So, keep notes, revise the topic from them. Revision shouldn’t be taken casually because it’s like a final touch to your effort, a little mistake can ruin everything.

At last, practice for the UPSC mains by writing 2-3 essays every day. For Prelims be aware of the current affairs and don’t miss to read the Hindu. Make sure you keep no stone unturned to reach your desired goal. Your dream of becoming an IAS officer can be fulfilled by some of the best IAS coaching in Delhi. Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards success with the IAS Coaching in Delhi.

Anything is possible with sheer determination, hard work, and unwavering focus. Be strong enough to ignore the rumors like nobody cracks the IAS exam in the first attempt. Stay focused and just believe in your preparation.

All the best! 

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