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How to Choose A Home Builder: 8 Questions Answered

by Melanie Peterson

Choosing the right builder is one of the most significant steps in choosing your dream home. Constructing or buying a house is a substantial investment for every individual. Naturally, they are keen to have several concerns for every penny they invest. Two of the most pertinent questions that every person is faced with are related to the expenses of building a house and the time taken to complete the construction.

Building a house is a big commitment but even more important is choosing from Kelowna home builders of repute. The company you choose will stay with you for the next three to four months to give shape to your dreams. You will have a thousand reasons to sit and relax when you ask these questions to the house building company and come out of stress and frustration.

How to Choose A Home Builder - 8 Questions Answered

Here are the lists of questions you can ask the builder before investing in quality homes within your budget.

1. How many years have you spent in this business?

One of the most important questions to ask the builder is the number of years they have spent in this business. The builder aims to assess the knowledge and experience of the company. You need to find out the clientele of the business and judge their level of satisfaction to feel assured about choosing them. A company with over 30 years of experience will have a steadier clientele than a company that has been in this business for two years.

2. Do you have a portfolio?

While some of the reputed builders have portfolios of their own, others may not. Ask your builder whether they have a portfolio of the projects they have built.

3. What is the extent of customisation possible in my house?

It may be the urge to experiment with cosmetic touch-ups to make your property magnificent or tweaking a few features to make it more accessible, custom homes are the preferred living places this season. However, that does not mean that you can go on making changes in the home’s architecture, interiors, roofline, deck, or exteriors. Don’t make your home clumsy with too many features. Ask your builder how much scope your house has to make the changes and that too within your budget. Genuine custom builders welcome your decision to change the design even after the construction begins. That way you will know how much a fifth bedroom will resonate with the existing layout of your home or how feasible it is to add a couple of square feet in the kitchen.

4. How many homes of your style have they built?

The preferences of homeowners differ. What your neighbour or friend likes may be far away from what dreams you are harbouring in your mind. If you have a fetish for single detached homes, be sure to confirm that the builder specialises in this type of home or offers you lots for the construction of single and independent homes.

5. Are you licensed and insured?

You are all set to pick one from Tower Ranch homes for sale but do you know whether the builder you choose is licensed and insured? If something goes wrong with the home building company during the construction of the house, your money will go to waste. On the other hand, the licensed builders are authorised to deliver services in your area, and added with that they will have the insurance to protect the workers from accidents or mishaps that may occur during work.

6. What features can you get within the price?

When asking about features within the price, you need to consider the base rates. If one builder offers you super high rates for plumbing, HVAC cabinets, Plumbing, flooring, and countertops, find out whether the low rates include all these features or less than that. Overall, you need to confirm whether high-end features are available within your budget.

7. What are the benefits of the homes you construct?

Ask the builder about the benefits they offer in their homes which you can leverage while selling the property. For instance, some houses are known for their strength while others stand out for finishes and design. What are your preferences; a strong foundation, an excellent finish, or better appliances? You need to decide soon.

8. Do you offer a warranty?

The bigger the purchase, the higher is the risks. So, ask them about the warranty programs and the peace of mind it offers. You need to feel comfortable about working with them.

Starting a home can be stressful but choosing the right builder can make a difference to its features, the quality of the build, and all the other aspects. You need to ask these questions to the builder to ensure that you are building your dream house in the way you want without experiencing any nasty surprises.

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