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3 of the Best Methods to Sell Your House

by Melanie Peterson

You might think that the only way to sell your house is to contact a real estate agent and have them do it for you, but that’s not actually the case at all. There are many different ways and options available to you when you sell your house other than using a traditional real estate agent, and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at some of them.


The Traditional Way

Selling your house and moving to another can be one of the most stressful things you’ll have to do in your lifetime, and many people choose to enlist the help of an experienced and professional real estate agent for this reason. You gain the benefit of experience and knowledge of the property market in your area for a fee, which is usually a percentage of the sale price as commission. All of the work of selling the house is largely done for you using a real estate agent including the difficult and complex contracts and vetting of purchase offers. It’s a rather stress-free way of selling your home, but it does have a cost associated.

Make Use of a Cash Home Buyer

As the name suggests, a cash home buyer will give you cash for your home. There’s a big advantage here as the actual sale of your home can take just a few days and isn’t subject to any clauses from the offer to purchase or lengthy delays while you find a buyer. These cash home buyers are often companies who will buy your home with the intention of reselling it, either after some maintenance and renovation or just a quick flip. They make money by charging a fee, similar to that of an estate agent. You’ll often get an offer from a cash home buyer only slightly lower than what you could expect to get from a traditional sale.

Sell It Yourself

Another way that is becoming more popular now that marketing and finding a buyer via the power of the internet is becoming easier is to sell your home independently. You stand to save a fair amount of money on commission fees, but you’ll need to take on some of the responsibility of the admin yourself. For starters, you’ll need to price the property yourself using research and looking into similar properties in your area and what they sell for, and you’ll need to do the negotiations and dealings with any potential buyers yourself. It’s quite a lot of work taking on a private sale of your house, so before you do, make sure you have the time for it.

Whatever the reason is that you’ve decided to sell your property and move to another, make sure you do the research and decide for yourself what the best option for you is when it comes to how you make the sale. For many, this will probably be through a real estate agent, but don’t discount the other methods before you’ve spent some time thinking about them!

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