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Taking an RV Trip

by Melanie Peterson
Ever wondered how would the love for taking a road trip without any form of accommodation issues feel like? A motorhome or a motor coach that is a certain type of a recreational vehicle or what is commonly referred to as the American RV which has living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. One can trace back the origin of these motorhomes to 1910. Nowadays, it is easier to purchase motorhomes, whether you want to buy an used motorhome or brand new one, there are various categories to choose from when one is considering purchasing motorhomes. Remember that by choosing motorhome traveling you are going to be sleeping in it, spending countless hours driving it, sitting in the passenger seats and even cooking, showering and eating in it. Comfort is crucial in choosing a right motorhome for you so in my opinion it’s better to choose something over your budget, even if it means taking a small loan. Remember to always choose the best personal loan for you with the lowest interest rate to avoid unnecessary costs.

Taking an RV Trip

There are approximately ten types of Recreational Vehicles. RVs are a type of motorhome and they are essentially different in their purpose. Unlike a motorhome which is a substitute for a static home, or to put it simply, home on wheels, RVs are essentially used for recreational purposes with some amenities of home.


Usually constructed on a truck base frame or a commercial bus base frame, the Class A motorhome more often than not displays the design of a luxury bus with large windows. With the extra addition of the slide out feature in these motorhomes, that allows a larger space and a better living area when the vehicle is not moving, this is one of the best options to invest in.


Often referred to as the camper van, this is usually constructed on the base frame of a regular van with the addition of a raised roof. For example, a campervan in the US will have a minimum of four out of these six features, namely, a water system – either the sink or the shower, a refrigerator, means to cook, a fuel or electrical system, Ac unit or the heater, and a toilet.


These types of motorhomes are usually built on a mini truck platform and mostly run on gasoline engines. Class C motorhomes have sections that are devoted to a specific amenity such as the TV/Entertainment area or the sleeping area. In many places the class C motorhomes are also referred to as mini motorhomes.

Apart from these three broad categories of motorhomes, there are other varieties. For example, we have the truck camper which is basically a pickup truck that has been fitted with a living space. For such a motorhome, it is important to maintain the weight balance between both. There is also something called the pop up camper which is also known as the folding trailer. This set up has pull out bunks once the vehicle has been stationed at a spot. Apart from these, there are also other motorhomes such as the travel trailers, hybrid trailers, fifth wheel trailers, and park model.

Taking RV trips seems like the most exciting form of road trips. No hassle of looking for accomodations en route, no unnecessary stopping by or bathroom breaks. Everything is within reach, everything is at hand. With RV trips, the destination becomes less important, because you are not looking forward to unload. You’re carrying your home around and can fix yourself a meal whenever you please.

The are plenty of advantages of taking an RV trip and we are going to point them out to you –

Firstly, the packing and unpacking business is reduced to a huge extent. You’re carrying your things around with you. There is no need to pack or unpack. You only need to set up the place before you hit the road.

Secondly, there is a huge benefit of having a kitchen with you as you travel. It not only reduces unnecessary food expenses of eating at a restaurant. It is definitely more convenient to grocery shop, keep a stock of food items with you that you can cook at well. It is also a healthier option to continue being healthy while you’re on the trip.

The best part about going on an RV trip is that you can sleep at will. With seats that are definitely more comfortable than a car seat, you can park your RV at a campsite or some other parking spot and catch a quick nap on the couch or the bunk that you have for sleeping in.

Having a mobile toilet along with you is the most convenient way of going on a trip. Looking for a washroom everytime you stop, or everytime you stop only to look for a washroom is a task for all those who love to take road trips. With an RV, you never have to worry about washroom issues while you’re on a trip.

With taking an RV trip, setting up a campsite is definitely easier than your normal road trip. You have all the things that you need, you can bring all the bags along and when it gets colder, you can always get back into the RV and sleep cosily.

However, one of the major disadvantages with going on an RV trip is the lack of connectivity that people face on the road. More often than not, wifi woes are one of the common issues faced by road travellers and with an RV, you tend to stay on the road for longer. Another basic facility issue is the issue of water. Due to its portability, the storage is comparatively and the sewerage needs to be drained out more frequently.

However, for those who are looking for some adventure within the comfortable space of home and one’s own things, RV trip is the most ideal form of taking a road trip.

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