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Trends That Will Dominate Influencer Marketing in 2019

by Melanie Peterson
Influencer marketing was introduced only a few years ago, but ever since this marketing technique has hit businesses, more and more businesses and choosing to involve influencers to promote a business. It is no secret that influencer marketing has become one of the most popular methods of promoting a business and there are no signs of this marketing trend slowing down in 2019.

If you want to get an edge ahead and perform well in the coming year it is important for you to adapt to the latest trends in influencer marketing so that your business will manage to get a competitive edge over the other businesses. There are various things that you can do in order for your business to grow and become successful, but here are some interesting trends that you may want to focus on in the coming year.

Trends That Will Dominate Influencer Marketing in 2019

Influencers Will Become More Popular And Important

The demand of online experience, and the number of social media icons that are getting more popularity with each passing day is a clear sign that influencer marketing in something that is definitely going to shine in the coming year. The minute and influencers share something on social media it becomes a trend. If you are a new business and you want influencers to promote it in the right way then simple online promotions will work wonders. Not only will you end up spending less money on your marketing budget, you will get better return on investment and this will help you to grow your business the way you wanted to in 2019.

Establishment Of Brands 

You no longer need to be a big business or own multiple brands or offices in order for your business to become a brand. Today, even a social media icon who may not be a popular celebrity is more than capable of helping your business convert into a brand and become popular amongst the people that actually matter. There are a number of ways social media icons manage to bring the best out of your business by letting their followers know how effective your business is and just how much they can benefit from it. If your product is a good product, the minute and influencer starts to share information about it the product will gain more popularity and this will help the product sell over and over again.

Long Term Association 

When you rope in an influencer for your business you may want to make sure that you get an influencer for long term. There is no denying that people usually relate to a product because of the person associated to it. When you try to change influencers from time to time you may believe that it could help you get more sales, however there is a stronger chance that you may end up losing out on customers who was loyal to the influencer.

This is why it is important to you to spend a lot of time in research and selecting the right influencer who will actually work wonders for your business and can be associated with the brand for a long time.

Using Instagram Stories 

There are a number of social media channels however Instagram has remained popular across the years. Although the number of new users registering on Instagram has declined, the number of people that post stories on Instagram has more than tripled. The best part about Instagram stories is that it is just not meant for teenagers or youngsters in their early twenties. Even adults above the age of 40 or 50 can post their stories and they do not have to worry about being judged.

The Instagram storytelling method has become very popular because of how warm and comforting it is. It feels good to see how parents are spending time with their children or how someone is enjoying while driving to work. The magic of storytelling has been brought to life with the help of Instagram. A number of brands have seen this opportunity and are now using influencers to tell a story to the audience. This helps create a brand name in a very nice manner and it helps the brand to become a very big name in no time.

The impact of Instagram is definitely bigger than you can imagine. All you need to do is get an influencer to speak about your brand and just see the magic unravels. However you need to make sure that your influencer has sufficient followers and is posting regular stories. You cannot expect to post one story a day and create a big brand name. The story telling has to be ongoing and people need to be aware of what’s happening with your brand.

Original Images And Videos 

If you have always wanted to use influencer marketing as your marketing method, then you will need to make sure that you put in the right effort. Most influencer marketing campaigns use stock images that are available on the free images and free videos websites. The stock images get repeated over and over again for a number of marketing campaigns. The problem with these images is that the audience disconnects as soon as they see the same picture over and over again. They do not really connect with the brand because they feel that there is nothing original with the post.

If you want to make an impact with your influencer marketing campaign you need to use original images and videos. You may have to take the help of freelance photographers as well as videographers in order to get original images and original videos for your influencer marketing campaigns. This is the kind of effort that will definitely pay off because people will see that you are making the right kind of effort in the right direction. If people do not see the seriousness in your marketing efforts then there is nothing you can do to convince people to change their loyalty towards your brand.

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