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How to Promote your Small Business for Free?

by Melanie Peterson

Small business or start-up demands a lot of time and planning to join the league of popular brands or their competitors. While there are many effective ways to promote your small business, some of the tips that can actually make a lot of difference are enlisted below:

1. Using 3 big local listing services: To begin with, you should register your budding business with Google Places that enable a site to be easily found on Google searches and finally be reflected on the Google Maps. Gaining such vast level of visibility is the first step to promote your small business online that involves only a form and register to get the business verified by undergoing a quick confirmation process.  Try your hands on phone call or snail mail and for that matter Yahoo, which boasts of a huge database. There are thousands of free business listing sites in India, where you can do free registration of your business to promote on the web. These are websites that have massive traffic from local buyers and sellers. What stands alluring is that it is absolutely free.

2. Connect with social media: Social media is a great tool that can help any business to gain good exposure and is worth the time invested. Networking on LinkedIn or Twitter at personal as well as company level is an effective way to startup.

3. Blog Writing: This is the best ways to promote your small business locally as well as globally. Every blog that one posts carries the company name and make it viral among the followers and help in connecting with consumers directly.

4. SEO: Without a default this should be made a part of promoting a small business since Search Engine Optimization makes a worthy impact and ensures that site is optimized and primed to be able to get crawled on search engines.

5. Issues Press Releases: It is important to highlight your firm in case it has done a great job at something. It acts as a powerful media tool which fetches great publicity, and generates free distribution of the same in the form of bonus. These releases can be posted on many websites like PRLog and 24/7 Press Release. Generally The top ten list is highly searched like List of Best Bed Sheet Brands in India

    Author Bio: Pooja Sharma, marketing manager of the Textile Industry in Panipat, helping the owner to flourish his business to huge extent. She has been regularly using various tools like social media, seo and all other mentioned above to promote the business and her efforts could be seen in the growth of business company doing.

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