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Can Anybody Become a Day Trader?

by Melanie Peterson

An investor that purchases, sells, and trades stocks throughout a single day are known as a day trader. A person counts as a day trader only if they trade four or more times for five days, even though there are several job titles related to trading stocks. Day traders have two employment options: they may trade for financial institutions or themselves.

Can Anybody Become a Day Trader

The Fundamentals of Day Trading

The stock and foreign exchange (forex) markets, where currencies are exchanged, are where day trading is most prevalent. Day traders often have a strong financial foundation and are well-versed in trading details. Many of them use debt to enhance the number of their bets, which adds an extra layer of danger.

Day traders are tuned into the things that trigger quick changes in the market. One well-liked strategy is trading in response to the news. Market expectations and psychology may affect scheduled announcements like the publication of economic data, business profits, or interest rate changes. When those expectations are not realized or surpassed, the market responds, often with fast, large movements that are very advantageous to day traders.

Day traders use a variety of intraday tactics. These tactics consist of the following:

  • Scalping: This tactic generates multiple little gains from fleeting price fluctuations during the day.
  • Range trading: The trader’s buy and sell choices in this approach are based on previously identified support and resistance levels in price.
  • News-based trading: Using the increased volatility surrounding news events, this method takes advantage of trading possibilities.
  • High-frequency trading (HTF): These tactics use complex algorithms to take advantage of minute or momentary market inefficiencies.

The Setting in Which a Day Trader Works

Many day traders operate alone and execute transactions without an investing firm’s assistance. These day traders often work from home or locations with internet access, including coffee shops or libraries.

Some day traders carry out their business from a central location, usually an office, where they collaborate with other day traders. Even though day traders have a lot of flexibility with their schedules, they often work every day to take advantage of the fresh trading possibilities that arise every day and react swiftly to changes in the market.

How to Start Day Trading

Before starting a day trading business, you must thoroughly understand the market you want to utilize, whether it be the stock market, the currency market, or another marketplace. Being a successful day trader requires a lot of study and work.

You should get familiar with well-known stocks, learn how to read a stock ticker, and understand how to utilize the best automated day trading software. In other words, the better you are at trading stocks, the more you learn. To trade stocks properly, getting certified by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is one of the most crucial requirements (FINRA).

Day Traders’ Sources of Income

When day traders purchase and sell stocks for their clients, they often get commission-based compensation. In other words, they get a share of the earnings each time they sell shares and turn a profit. They may also get a wage if employed by an organization like an investment bank or hedge fund. Day traders used by these organizations never have to worry about losing their money on a deal.

How to Be a Successful Day Trader

Your obligations as a professional day trader need you to act and make judgments swiftly. Maintain a watchful eye on the market and read essential news about the firms whose stock your customer owns. Avoid being too eager if your customer has given you somewhat wide latitude. Stocks vary constantly; a sharp decline often follows a gain and vice versa. If you are an intraday trader who concentrates on short-term profits, you would prefer to sell high than retain a position and hope your luck continues.


Prospective traders should avoid websites and seminars that guarantee infallible success in day trading or unlimited earnings. The small number of day traders who have achieved success do so by devoting time and effort to developing trading methods and strictly adhering to them.

Day traders are all alone in the vast world of trading. Before quitting your job to become a day trader, you must ensure that you have the drive to consistently study, create trading systems, and accept responsibility for your choices and actions.

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