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The Benefits of Working from a Dedicated Desk

by Melanie Peterson
Imagine sitting in an office in any American city overlooking its majestic skyline. While you are not enjoying the nightlife, this coworking opportunity has allowed you to work in a corporate environment in an office in a building that sits in any major business district. For many businesses, being able to afford these locations is an impossibility, but coworking provides businesses with the flexibility of leasing low-cost office space in some of the pricier locations.

The Benefits of Working from a Dedicated Desk
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Coworking works best for both the self-employed and start-ups because it is a low-overhead alternative to traditional office space. As a part of many coworking plans, the dedicated desk gives professionals the opportunity to work in an open office plan but at a desk that is reserved for them. For many who crave the social aspect of coworking but need space to work, the dedicated desk is probably one of the better solutions.

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Because the coworking set up encourages social interaction, you can easily find yourself in a million conversations while trying to work, not to mention that hot-desking places you in close proximity to other professionals. If you are working in an industry where confidentiality or client privacy is of import, working at the more popular hot desks can compromise your client’s personal information. The dedicated desk provides you with a private alternative to the hot desk, allowing you to keep the trust and confidentiality of your clients a priority. Check out what’s offered with a Servcorp dedicated desk for more information on how this plan works.


Another benefit of the dedicated desk is you can transition to more space as your business grows. Many of the leases can be easily modified depending on your business’s needs, so you will not have to spend an inordinate amount of time or money searching for new office and the amenities that go with managing office space. In many cases, you could be outfitted with new space within a week.


With the exception of the usual amenities that come with any coworking plan, you can choose what services to include as a part of your lease. Coworking’s flexible leasing allows you to pay for the amenities you need as opposed to conventional office leasing. As your business’s needs change, you can modify the lease to reflect these changes.


The coworking space offers professionals world-class IT services, in addition to a receptionist, 24-hour access to the building and an answering service. The larger leasing companies offer video-conferencing and the use of office space in other locations as part of their plan as well. More importantly, in an industry where first impressions do matter, these offices are usually located in prime areas, so your business gets a prestigious business address and a dedicated phone number as well.


Most office leases ask renters to commit to a minimum of one year and to get a bargain, you would have to commit to a longer lease. Leasing a dedicated desk as a part of a coworking space would only require you commit to a shorter lease, in many cases just a month. For professionals who are unsure of whether they will remain in the area, this plan works to their advantage.

Dedicated Desk Solutions

While many of the benefits of the dedicated desk are in terms of convenience and cost-savings, being able to work in a private area that also offers you social interaction can encourage your productivity. Furthermore, the benefits of this plan also place your office in many sought-after locations. Ultimately, the dedicated desk can be a starting place for business growth.

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