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Go Camera-Crazy at 7 Best Places for Photography in San Francisco!

by Melanie Peterson
Is there any surprise that there are scores of places for photography in San Francisco? Being one of the most photogenic cities in the world, San Francisco offers shutterbugs that chance to click away at some monumentally beautiful landmarks. Whether you wish for birds-eye-view of the city or stand right at the heart of it all, the city offers you plenty of snap-happy ops. There are some really great places to take wedding pictures in San Francisco as well. This vacation, how about you try exploring photo ops at some of the most stunning places for photography in San Francisco? Let’s see if you can find some secret photo spots San Francisco is home to!

Go Camera-Crazy at 7 Best Places for Photography in San Francisco!

Best Instagram Spots in San Francisco:

One of the things that place San Francisco among the top US tourist cities is its sheer beauty and charm. You will find oodles of it even when making an unplanned short trip on last minute flights. Check out some of the best places for photography in San Francisco listed below. You can also explore and vet for some best photography spots in bay area that remain hidden. Who knows, maybe you can start your very own San Francisco photo blog!

1. Golden Gate Bridge

This is arguably the most-photographed place in the city. Pretty much every San Francisco photo blog will have a picture of this remarkable bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is among the most iconic places for photography in San Francisco. This is one spectacular spot you simply cannot miss! Whatever the angle, expect the picture to be smashing. The Golden Gate Bridge is not just spectacular to look at, but you can also click some awesome pictures from here.

2. Baker Beach

A popular public hangout spot, Baker Beach offers incredible photo ops. You can enjoy spectacular views of the Marin Headlands and the famous Golden Gate Bridge. If you venture a bit further, you can also click away at the Battery Chamberlin nearby. You can also take a couple of awesome shots of the beach. Visit during sunrise and sunsets when the beach is lit perfectly in natural light. The pictures of Baker Beach you take in this light will blow your mind!

3. Fisherman’s Wharf

For astounding sea-cum-landscapes, this is one of the top places for photography in San Francisco. Expect to point your lens at spectacular ships, waterfront markets, massive crab cauldrons, and adorable sea lions lounging about in the sun. The renowned Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf happen to be among some really cool photography places in SFO. You’ll be able to document some typically traditional pictures of the famous city when visiting on business class flights.

4. Chinatown

Chinatown is among the best places for photography in San Francisco for capturing street life on film. Colorful, vibrant, and bold street photography does not get better than Chinatown. This mini-China in San Francisco offers you the chance to capture on film the breathtaking Chinese culture. Think pagoda-styled structures, classy lamps, massive dragons, and a whole lot more! Also, adorable Chinese cafes and other eateries are home to some of the best indoor photography locations San Francisco.

5. Twin Peaks 

For the real thrill-seeking shutterbugs willing to put in the effort, this is among the topmost places for photography in San Francisco. The challenging-but-fun trek up the peaks will reward richly all those who embark on it with spectacular views. You can clearly see the entire city from up here and get some candid panoramic shots. Visit when the fog is low and the weather at its clearest best.

6. Transamerica Pyramid

This massive structure is not just among the most unique buildings in San Francisco, but it’s also among the tallest ones on the city skyline. The concept for the building was formed off of the idea that, much like the sunlight, everyone should have access to financial security. With that in mind, the towering structure was built in a way that a maximum of natural light falls on the street below. Imagine how marvelous it would be to photograph this!

7. Lombard Street

Imagine eight incredibly sharp hairpin turns when you think of Lombard Street. One of the best places for photography in San Francisco, it’s also known to be among the world’s most crooked streets. Whatever the reputation, the red-brick street lined with gorgeous flowers is an incredible sight to behold. You simply must take a picture of this street to complete your San Francisco photo blog. If you make your way to the top of the street, you will have crystalline views of Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge.

When you book discount flights to USA  for your San Francisco trip, keep all of these fantastic photo spots in mind. Visit as many of these remarkable places for photography in San Francisco as you can and click fabulous pictures. Create the best San Francisco photo blog ever!

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