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Everything About Dreams and Their Meaning

by Maria Berg

Are you still under the impression of the dream you saw last night? Are you trying to get rid of the nasty feeling that your dream was warning you about something? The dream meaning science is not official but trusted by generations. Yet, how can you find out whether your dream just reflected your daily worries or it was prophetic, and you have to follow it?

What Is the Dream? Why Do We Do It?

Let’s start with science here. Dreaming is the part of the REM cycle of sleep during which we see images and even listen to dialogues. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. It is one of our first sleep periods before we fall into the deep phase. Yet, some dreams can occur even outside this phase. Moreover, we don’t always see dreams in this phase. During this phase, our eyes move quickly, and our brain still works intensely.

Although this phase usually takes place 90 minutes after you fall asleep and leads to another phase of deeper sleep, you remember the vivid dream-like if you saw it a second before you woke up. REM dreaming is widely discussed among scientists around the world. This phase is not totally explored and divides the scientific world with numerous theories. However, one thing all the scientists agree upon is that the REM phase boosts your creativity.

Multiple achievements humankind made came as dreams in the first place. For example, Mendeleev dreamed about Periodic Table, and Paul McCartney saw the ever-green hit Yesterday in his dream.

What Happens While We Dream?

Dreams are the stories we hear in our heads while we sleep. They can be abstract and jump from one event to another, or they can be linear. Sometimes we don’t see dreams at all, and rarely do we remember these dreams once we wake up. According to scientists, we can have up to 6 dreams during the night. Yet, we forget almost 95 percent of everything we saw.

Dreams are complex and still unlearned. From the very beginning, human beings were wondering how they could understand dreams. In ancient Egypt, people treat dreams as another type of vision. Dreamers were advisers to the kings and queens. They helped to make important decisions and lead the battles. Ancient Greek, as well as Romans, thought that dreams were the predictions of the events that happen in the future, as well as the ability to talk to dead relatives and friends. Up to this day, we haven’t got completely proven data about dreams and why we see what we see while sleeping.

Top 6 Popular Dreams

Although we all see different stories in dreams, sometimes just pictures, some popular scenarios exist. They were noticed by our ancestors many centuries ago. Now we still see similar dreams. Here they are:

  1. Falling somewhere. These dreams are common for any gender and age. Many people believe that if you hit the ground while falling asleep, you will quickly die in real life, which is not true at all. According to reliable dream interpretations, it is the first sign that you are not satisfied with your life. You need to change something in life and rethink your choices.
  2. Naked in front of other people. This is the common fear of being naked in front of the audience. According to popular thought, this dream means you are worried about being accepted by others. You don’t want to show your real self and are afraid that people will hate it.
  3. Chased in a dream. If you have dreams of being pursued, don’t worry, you are not alone. Lots of people wake up terrified by this vision. Yet, this dream is not necessarily bad. It simply means that there are some problems you want to keep ignoring and try to forget. If animals are pursuing you, you may hide yourself and your passions. If your chaser is unknown to you, you have to dig deeper into your childhood memories or trauma you experienced in the past. And if you are pursued by a person whom you find attractive, it means you are trying to avoid love and relations.
  4. Dream about teeth. We all may hear the scary story about the girl who dreamed of her teeth falling apart, and she died the next day. It’s not true at all. In fact, this dream has different meanings, and they are not connected to your death. Sometimes this dream just means you are worried about losing attractiveness or the ability to communicate with others. It is the loss of power you are afraid of.
  5. You’re dying in the sleep. It is perhaps the scariest nightmare we are all afraid of. Yet, don’t treat it like some kind of prophecy. You may even see the death of someone you love in your dream. Usually, this means you fear the future or any change that might happen. Since death is a transition we are all afraid of, it usually symbolizes the unknown and fear of it. Sometimes death represents the fear of growing.
  6. Dreams about tests. Now you are back to school in your dream and have an important test to write. Have you ever seen such a dream? Exams we see in our dreams usually symbolize the fear of failing. They are highly stressful since you are afraid you will not pass.

Focus on Your Dreams

Usually, dreams are the signs sent by your body to you. You have to listen to them. Don’t jump to a conclusion taking everything you see too literally. Concentrate on the deeper meaning. Make sure you take all the clues your brain sent to you. You can always find the most popular meanings of dreams on trustworthy dream interpreting portals.

Now, it’s your turn! Have you ever seen a prophetic dream? How often do you see dreams while sleeping? Express your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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