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Top 2021 Hair Trends

by Melanie Peterson

Looking to change up your hair this coming year? Want to look your best while also staying up to date with the trends of 2021? Keep reading to find out the top hair trends of 2021 and which one suits you the best!

Blowout Hair of the 1990’s

Bouncy and big hair has long been trendy in the last couple of years, but this year, the 1990s’ Blowout Hair is making a solid comeback. Best styled by iconic supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington, the 1990s’ Blowout Hair is known for its lush and carefree look, perfectly toeing the line between effortless curls and a glammed up party hairstyle.

Not only is it incredibly stylish, the Blowout Hair is also easy to achieve, requiring only hot rollers and curling irons, or hair dryer brushes. When it comes to the Blowout Hair of the 1990’s, the bigger the hair, the better.

XXL, Long and Lush

As the hair world slowly moves away from the age of pixie haircuts and short bob styles, long XXL hair has regained its popularity. Perhaps due to the lack of haircuts during 2020 – the year of indoor living and social distancing – many famous celebrities have come out of their home with incredibly long and well-conditioned hair, starting the long and lush hair trend of 2021. 

Growing to well below the chest and closer to the waist, the XXL hair length certainly requires more maintenance than shorter hairstyles – however when invested into and styled correctly, exudes an air of elegance no other hairstyle can compare to.

Dark Chocolate Hair

For those looking for a trendy yet low maintenance hairstyle, why not consider dying your hair a dark chocolate hair? Warm and easy on the eyes, dark chocolate is a natural yet classic hair colour on every hairstyle and hair texture possible.

If you find dark chocolate hair a little too bland, subtle brown highlights are also trending on one-dimensional hair colours. Brown highlights can add an extra unique touch to your hair without making it too much. They are also easy to maintain considering you don’t usually need to bleach your hair to achieve subtle highlights.

Soft and Subtle Ombre

2021 is all about looking as natural and effortless as possible. As a result, soft ombre are also making a comeback as the top hair dying trend. Building on from dark chocolate hair, many celebrities and influencers are now sporting soft warm brown ombre for the perfect cozy and winter look. 

Able to grow lighter with every wash, the soft and subtle ombre is a low maintenance hairstyle with long-lasting rewards. Have fun styling your shaded hair in any way you want and watch it transform with every few months as the hair colours fade and blend together!

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