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Cakes – Always The Best Way To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

by Melanie Peterson
From vanilla cakes to chocolate cakes, these sweet delicacies are always a hot favorite among people of all ages, genres and likes. In fact, it is available in almost every corner of the world which makes it a universal dish for all.

There are different types of cakes and different methods of placing them in separate classes, however, professional bakers divide cakes into categories according to the ingredients and the baking procedure. (Home bakers usually categorize cakes on the basis of flavor—i.e., chocolate cakes, fruit cakes, and so on—which is quite assisting when you try to decide what to eat, but not as obliging when you’re trying to understand how best to make a cake.). In some parts of the world, cake is also categorized on the basis of occasion such as wedding cake, birthday cake, anniversary cake etc. Based on how the dough is prepared, you’ll find that the final texture (and color, if it’s yellow or white dough) is different.

Some of the popular cake types are:

1. Butter Cake

Any sweet preparation for cake that starts with cream butter can be termed as a butter cake. When you finish creaming, you add eggs to ventilate the dough a little, make it flour and feel, and baking soda or baking soda to make sure it swells out of the oven. Different types of dough in butter dough may consist of white, chocolate, yellow and nutty; for yellow and white dough, the color usually depends on whether they have eggs whole or add yolks (yellow dough) or simply proteins (white dough).

2. Sponge Cake

When it comes to choosing a great birthday cake quickly, sponge cake comes out as a wonderful option. This type of cake doesn’t contain baking soda or baking powder and is mostly made of heavy amounts of whipped eggs or egg whites. That’s a typical sponge cake and there are many different types of sponge cake. which will be called by various names depending on wherever you are.

3. Red Velvet Cake

Love is everywhere, and so are red balloons. With everything red around, no birthday cake is better matched for February month than the tempting Red Velvet Cake. Tangy buttermilk, simple cocoa, a pinch of vanilla extract, and a trace of acidic vinegar lead to the thick, moist cake that’s covered in a rich cream cheese frosting.

With a dash of red dye included, red velvet is really one of the most distinctive layer cakes out there, making it ideal for the February birthday celebration. This would serve as a cupcake recipe, but you would need to regulate the actual time for baking.

4. Ice Cream Cake

It’s hot outside. And, it’s summer time! Swimming pools, grills, camp out, and road trips fill your birthday time with loads of excitement that you need to sum up the season with a bang. Which for all the summer babies, that means a big birthday bash! Here, we talk about streamers, balloons, piñatas and a memorable cookout with a cake to start with.

Similarly, you can explore from a wide range of options to choose your best anniversary cake

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