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7 Countries That Make the Best Yummy Chocolates

by Melanie Peterson

Every country is unique in its way. Some have world-famous traditions; some have world-famous costumes, dance forms, culture, and many more. But, what makes every country unique is its cuisine. Taste things in the world that unites people. Tastes have categories too- starters, main course, desserts, snacks, etc. If you are looking for something that goes well with everything, that is chocolates. It is a fantasy for some people around the world; people go crazy about this. Some countries make the best and yummiest chocolates ever. Here is a list of ‘must-taste’ chocolates of the world.

1. Paris, France Chocolate

This is the country of Gourmets and has 300+ chocolate shops in here. From independent boutiques to awarded artisan chocolatiers- none will disappoint you. The most famous taste of chocolates in France is dark chocolate. If you want to be on a walk date with your beloved, this world of chocolate is perfect to impress one. If you propose them with the best chocolate in France in one hand and the rose on the other, none can say a ‘No’. However, your beloved will pick up the dark chocolate over the flowers.

2. Brussels, Belgium Chocolate

If a country is considered as the ‘Chocolate Capital of the World’, you must visit this place and have a taste of this souvenir. From researches, Belgium has more houses of chocolatiers per square feel than any other place in the world. Belgian chocolate is not a taste; it is an emotion. If a country establishes Museums of Cocoa, chocolate and Chocolaterie Mary, just imagine how rich this country is of chocolates! From a hop distance from the Royal Palace is the giant grand dame of Belgian chocolate. It is the Royal family’s favorite. You can order chocolate online from these shops.

3. Hunter Valley, Australia Chocolate

If you are searching for the Belgium of the Northern hemisphere, Hunter Valley in Australia will be one great place. It is called the Mecca of wine and chocolates. In here, you will meet the numbers of artisans who produce hand-made artisanal chocolate and fudge. Twenty-3-twenty chocolates and Fudge factory is a heaven for chocolate lovers. Here they perfectly blend the Belgian Chocolate with Australian fruits and nuts. Not just the chewable fruit and nuts, sometimes the chocolates are infused with fruit oils as well. Here, an online gift shop provides chocolate delivery all over the whole world.

4. Madrid, Spain Chocolate

If you are on a night date in Spain, typically in Madrid, the best way to call off is to go to anyone of its famous chocolatiers, natively known as Churrerias. The best chocolates are found in the wee hours of early morning, before breakfast. ‘Churros’ is the famous long waffle stick fried dough tastes savor. It is dunked in thick bittersweet hot chocolates. If you are trying to find the best Churrerias in Madrid, it is Chocolateria San Gines. It is the best place to pick a chocolate gift near me.

5. Germany Chocolate

Apart from Historical World War and Football, what is being reminded every time we hear Germany is the irresistible chocolates. If Belgium is the Chocolate Capital of the World, then Germany is the Chocolate Tree. Among the chocolate varieties, the Hanuta Wafers is amazing in taste. But, if you want your chocolate to be less molten and crunchier, then the Nussknacker is the best. It is full of nuts. Besides, there are Lebkuchen and Merci which will rock your sweet-tooth and leave you craving for more and more.

6. Switzerland Chocolate

Switzerland is the highest chocolate consumer country in the whole world. In the heart of the Zurich city are the Lindt and Sprungli chocolate factory. Here you will get an amazing tour of the factory and cherry on the top- a lot of free of cost chocolate tasting. TO do something unique with your girlfriend/boyfriend, take a ride of the Swiss Chocolate Train, departing from Montreaux. In between, there is a Gruyeres-the cheese place and the Broc- the place of Nestle. So, if you are planning on a trip to Switzerland, be sure it is going to be a chocolaty one.

7. Turin, Italy Chocolate

A ‘cioccolatto Caldo’ in Turin is the thing that makes Turin the Chocolaty capital of Italy. It is a form of hot chocolate that is thick, bittersweet in taste and is topped with whipped crème. It is taken with a significant beverage called Bicerin, a layered hot chocolate-espresso-drink.  This place hosts an annual chocolate festival in February. As it is a month of Valentine’s Day, it will be a perfect time to send a chocolate gift to France or Italy or any other place in the world to celebrate love.

Chocolate is the best thing invented in this world. And above are the chocolates that you just cannot miss to taste as they are heaven.

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