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Everything to Know About Cinnamon Scrolls

by Melanie Peterson

Cinnamon scrolls are a popular baked good option when it comes to Australian cafes and bakeries. Not only are they delicious and enjoyed by older folks and young children alike, cinnamon scrolls are also visually appealing and popular in the world of social media.

Due to all of its positive points, cinnamon scrolls make for a great option to add to your cafe or bakery menu. However, before incorporating cinnamon scrolls onto your menu permanently, below are the basics you should know about cinnamon scrolls.

Cinnamon scrolls can come in all shapes and sizes

Despite being a relatively traditional pastry with an extensive history, modern cinnamon buns have become incredibly versatile and flexible to a cafe or bakery’s menu theme. In addition to being popular as a classic cinnamon scroll, there are now also various different types of cinnamon scrolls, such as those with dried fruit in them, drizzled with caramel or even with flavoured bread (such as chocolate or vanilla dough). 

The ability for cinnamon scrolls to taste good, no matter their shape or size, has made it a perfect item to add to every bakery and cafe’s menu. If you find the classic cinnamon scroll a little too plain, don’t hesitate to spice things up by adding different toppings, experimenting with new flavours, and changing the traditional sugary filling.

Cinnamon scrolls are simple, but costly to make

As with most breads, buns and rolls, cinnamon scrolls can take quite some time to make due to the required process of waiting for yeast to rise. Before baking your cinnamon scrolls, it is best to allow for the dough to rise by waiting for between 60 minutes to 90 minutes. For fluffy and soft cinnamon scrolls, some bakers even recommend waiting for longer. This means that including the dough-making process, cinnamon scrolls can take up to two to three hours to make.

Additionally, in order to make flavoursome and rich cinnamon scrolls, bakers will need to invest in a large number of ingredients, in particular for both the scroll filling and icing. Depending on the type of cinnamon scroll, purchasing the ingredients for the filling and icing can get quite pricey, especially when it comes to fresh and limited ones such as fruits.

As a result, despite being quite simple to make, making cinnamon scrolls from scratch can be a quite costly process due to the amount of time required to make them, as well as the expensive pricing of ingredients.

In order to save on costs and still include cinnamon scrolls on their menus, nakers can instead employ the use of frozen dough. Crafted to perfection and at affordable prices, frozen dough will cut down the time taken for bakers and cafe owners to bake cinnamon scrolls, as well as help them save on the costs of labour and ingredient sourcing.

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