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The Sugars You Should Avoid & Sugars You Should Eat

by Melanie Peterson

Sugar is a carbohydrate that provides energy to the body. The term includes all types of sweet carbohydrates. The body breaks down the carbohydrates into glucose, which the body can use. There are several different types of sugars (also called simple carbohydrates), some of which occur naturally in foods like dairy products and fruits and others in supplements like nitric oxide supplements. Then, some are included in processed foods. Even if you do not eat raw sugar, you tend to consume it in different forms like corn syrup, honey, etc.

While the body requires sugar for energy, too much consumption can create a wide range of health problems like tooth decay and obesity; sugar addiction affects the brain. While processed carbohydrates are the simplest energy source, they are often devoid of other nutrients like minerals and vitamins.

Types of Sugars You Should Eat

In this article, we will go through which carbohydrates are good for the health and which ones are not. In this section, let us check some types of carbohydrates you can consume safely.

1. Unrefined and Raw Sugar

Mostly, sugar is considered a ‘bad’ ingredient because they are an empty calorie. It is because all the natural nutrients are stripped off after the processing; more chemicals are used to remove impurities. Excess sugar addiction causes a lot of health problems.

On the other hand, the unrefined and raw version retains its natural nutrients like magnesium and iron, making it a better choice. The naturally-granulated sugar is golden-brown and has a taste similar to honey. They are also free of pesticides and chemicals.

2. White Sulferless Organic Sugar

You will be surprised to learn that this one contains sulfur. Most sugar addiction effects are because of the sulfur. However, they are used to remove impurities from the crystals. If you keep consuming sulfur, it can lead to many different health hazards. This is because sulfur gets converted to sulfur dioxide, which is harmful. In such cases, you can use sulfur-less sugar. This type of carbohydrate will retain the sweetness without the bad effects of sulfur.

3. Demerara Sugar

It is a type of brown sugar that occurs naturally. They contain residual molasses, raw and chunky, large-grained, and light brown in color. When cane juice is crystallized into crystals, it results in Demerara sugar, making it partially-processed. This carbohydrate has a very natural caramel-like taste and will add a taste depth.

Additionally, this carbohydrate type is infused with the flavor of spices like cinnamon and premium vanilla beans. It can be used for different kinds of dishes like coffee cake, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate brownies. It can also be sprinkled into dishes like hot chocolate, coffee, or a fruit bowl.

4. Organic Brown Sugar

It is considered the best alternative to the processed one, which is an essential factor when looking for connections between sugar addiction and mood swings. This one is a much healthier choice and processed naturally. It maintains the natural nutrition of sugarcane, including minerals and vitamins. When it comes to taste, this carbohydrate type has a very caramel flavor and can be used to sweeten different types of hot beverages. It can also be used to add flavors to desserts and bakery items like cakes and candies.

5. Palm Sugar Crystals

Also known as palm or coconut sugar, palm sugar crystals are a naturally-occurring sweetener. It is extracted from the flowering buds of a coconut tree. This natural carbohydrate does not require chemicals and involves very minimal processing. The flavor is mildly similar to caramel and is mainly used for making desserts. However, it can also be used for regular cooking.

Types Of Sugars You Should Avoid

While the carbohydrates mentioned above are considered the best for your body, some can do more harm than good. This type of sugar addiction can cause diabetes and other types of problems. Some ‘bad’ sugars include the following.

1. Sugar-Filled Beverages

Popular beverages today contain more added calories than you can ever imagine, be it fruit drinks, sports drinks, and energy drinks. While some of them are known as ‘healthy’ beverages, they still contain a heap of excess sugar. This sugar addiction affects the body badly. Additionally, the body is not able to recognize half the calories that come from the food. This also leads to weight gain and obesity.

2. Sugar-Filled Desserts

It is impossible to imagine desserts without sweetness. However, the number of carbohydrates used for these dishes can cause alarming blood sugar spikes and leave you feeling hungry and tired. This also increases your craving for carbohydrates. Some classic examples include ice cream, pies, and cakes, accounting for about 20% of added carbohydrates.

3. Low-Fat Foods

Low-fat foods can also have a drastic effect on sugar addiction and diet. Foods like salad-dressing, yogurt, and peanut butter. While these may seem like the best alternatives to full-fat foods, they contain more sugar and calories than the full-fat counterparts. There are several sugar addiction side effects on the body, most of which originated from low-fat foods. It also causes weight gain, which negates the reason why you are consuming low-fat foods in the first place. Hence, it is better to opt for a full-fat version instead.

4. Refined Or Processed Foods

One of the major reasons behind sugar addiction is refined or processed foods. These types of foods contain fats, simple carbohydrates, and salt. However, there are some substances used that are not usually found in regular kitchens. These substances can be additives like emulsifiers, colors, and artificial flavors. Some examples of such processed foods include pies, pizzas, cereals, desserts, and soft drinks.

As most of us know, sugar addiction the reason for obesity. Hence, processed foods are not the best options. They do not contain a lot of nutrients and will do your body more harm than good. Therefore, these foods are known as junk foods.

Final Thoughts on Sugar Addiction

Most people already know the relationship between sugar addiction and depression. If you keep consuming excess carbohydrates, it can lead to several health problems. However, we also cannot argue that our body requires carbs. Therefore, you can look into carbohydrates that you can consume without worrying about your health falling into chaos. Always be mindful of the quantity, though.

What do you think of this? Share your ideas or experiences in the comments; other readers might find the information useful!

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