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What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health?

by Melanie Peterson
No doubt that everyone is concerned about their health, including both physical and mental health. And since we’re talking about health, we can not miss our oral health which is a part of our physical health. You know that you may not predict coming health issues, but you’ll be surprised to know that your tongue can help you know about some clues related to oral and other health issues. Yes, you read it right.

What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health?

A healthy tongue is something that everyone wants, but if you see some unnatural things, you need to give special attention to your oral and physical health care. As there are various types of changes that can be seen on your tongue, each change represents various types of oral issues.

But wait a minute. How can you know whether you’ve got a healthy tongue or an unhealthy one?

Well, a natural and healthy tongue can be seen pink in color, due to some of the body chemicals it may sometimes look slightly dark in color, but on an average, if you see a pink colored tongue or slightly dark pink or red, that means your tongue is in a healthy condition. But there are also cases when some effects don’t really appear on the tongue, and to be safe from that you should go for regular dental checkups.

Now you’re aware of a healthy tongue; it is time to know about:

How to know whether your tongue is unhealthy?

You already know a healthy tongue looks pink, and if you see any irregular things along with a change in color that means the tongue is not in good condition. Meanwhile, you can also see some pain and swelling while you eat or drink any food item.

But how to know the consequences of changing colors of a tongue?

Some of the changes that you can see on your tongue are:

  • White Tongue
  • Red Tongue
  • Yellow Tongue
  • Black and hairy
  • Sore and bumpy

White Tongue: 

It is pretty normal for people to notice some white particles on the tongue. Though in many cases, it is normal, there are also cases when you need to pay special attention along with proper medication and dental clinic visits.

What are the causes of White Tongue?

Oral Thrush: If your tongue is having white cheese-like patches on the surface of your upper tongue, that means you’ve got oral thrush. It is said that it is commonly seen in infants, adults, people who’re suffering from diabetes, who consume steroids, and people having asthma.

Oral lichen planus: The very next cause may be Oral lichen planus which is a collection of white lines on the surface of the tongue. Also, according to research, it is found that oral lichen planus disappears on their own, but if in your case, it is not, you need to find medical attention.

Leukoplakia: If you notice white and thick patches on the tongue and internal part of the mouth, then you definitely need medical attention. Why? Because you may be suffering from Leukoplakia which itself leads to cancer if not properly treated on time.

Red Tongue: 

You generally have a pink colored tongue or a slightly red one. But if you see a dark red tongue, then you need to pay attention to your oral health. In many cases, it is said that the tongue’s color may change from pink to red or purple.

So what causes Red Tongue?

Geographic Tongue
When some red patches along with a hit of white borders appear on the surface of your tongue (forming any shape) is called Geographic Tongue. That simply means you’ve Geographic Tongue issues, though it is a harmless condition, but you need to get its treatment done.

Vitamin B deficiencies
Vitamins are necessary for body needs, and if there is any lack in any of the vitamins, then some irregular symptoms could be seen. When you lack Vitamin B, then you could see a red colored tongue, and in this case, you need to enhance the consumption of vitamin B products.

Kawasaki disease
If you’ve got a child of age nearby five years, you need to pay good attention to their red colored tongue. As if they have Kawasaki Disease then a red colored tongue can be seen, which itself is a most critical issue that can lead to heart disease later.

Scarlet fever
In this case, you feel slight fever like in Kawasaki Disease; you can know if you’re suffering from Scarlet fever if you notice a strawberry-shaped color on the top of your tongue. You need to seek medical attention in both Scarlet and Kawasaki disease.

Yellow tongue:
This is a rare condition, but if you see Yellow Tongue (even after if you’ve not eaten anything), then you may have some bacterial overgrowth on your tongue. Since they’re bacteria, then they will surely damage your mouth, including decay in tooth and enamel.

Some of the causes of Yellow Tongue includes the habit of smoking, chewing tobacco, taking excessive vitamin pills, jaundice, and a few others. So if you’ve Yellow Tongue, go get the right treatment from the best dentist near you.

Black and hairy:
Ever imagined you’ve got a black and hairy tongue? It is dangerous right? But as it looks, it isn’t that harmful. Like you see in the Yellow Tongue category when you get excessive bacteria on the surface of your tongue, you also get black papillae which may also look brown or black. And if the papillae multiples it seems like they’ve got a hairy appearance.

So how does it occur?

Well, when you have poor oral hygiene or if you’re suffering from diabetes or have an intake of antibiotics, you may see black and hairy tongue.

Sore and bumpy:
Do you see any soreness or bumps on your tongue? Go ahead for medical treatment. Because if you don’t, you will experience excessive pain which itself will lead to oral cancer.
Say if you consume tobacco or if you smoke, then you may see these issues. Apart from this if you notice excessive mouth ulcers that is a symptom that something is not fine. Usually, these soreness disappears within a week, but if it doesn’t, you need to look for medical treatment.

So these are just a few changes in a tongue that you could see with a naked eye. But in order to prevent your mouth from oral diseases, you need to look for medical attention. A regular dental checkup can help you, and the dentist predicts any upcoming issues as if predicted on time then they can be prevented as prevention is always better than cure.

At West Keller Dental, you’ll get expert professionals who will find out any issues or disease related to your oral health care. They will do proper treatment with extreme care. Go ahead and book your appointment now.

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