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Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before You Get LASIK

by Melanie Peterson

Getting any elective surgery is a big decision, and you’ll want to do your homework before you make any final decisions about your procedure. The first step in this process is scheduling a consultation with an eye surgeon for your LASIK procedure. This consultation will not only give you the opportunity to ask important questions about the surgery but will also give you a chance to see if the eye surgeon is the right match for you. 

It helps to go into your consultation with a list of questions at the ready so you’re prepared to gather all of the information you need. The best LASIK surgeons will clearly answer all of your questions and will discuss the many things to know before LASIK. After a consultation with the right surgeon, you should feel reassured and informed. Here’s what to ask. 

What to Know About LASIK: Frequently Asked Questions

The first questions you’ll want to ask are likely to be about the LASIK surgery itself. If you have any lingering concerns about the surgery or questions about how each particular surgeon performs the procedure, make sure you ask them. Start with the following:

1. Is LASIK safe?

One of the things to know before LASIK is that the procedure is one of the safest elective surgeries available today with a lower than 1% rate of complications. It’s also one of the most studied elective surgeries, so you can trust the analysis of both safety and effectiveness. Still, it’s helpful to hear details from the surgeon.

2. What type of technology do you use during the surgery?

Each eye surgeon has a different preference regarding the technology used to create the corneal flap, as well as the laser used for the actual LASIK surgery. Find out whether the surgeon provides conventional LASIK, using a blade to create the corneal flap, or bladeless LASIK using an all-laser approach. You should also ask how the irregularities of your eye are identified and mapped. Many eye surgeons now use wavefront mapping to get detailed information about patients’ unique eyes. 

3. Is my age a factor?

You must be 18 to get LASIK surgery. Beyond that, older patients may have concerns about their changing eyesight as they age. Additionally, patients who may be or become pregnant or who are nursing may want to wait as it’s important to ensure your eyesight has been stable for a year before getting LASIK.  

4. What risks and side effects should I be aware of?

Your overall health and your unique eyes may also play a part in this discussion. Make sure your surgeon is open and honest about these things, as well as telling you how you can minimize any risks or side effects, too. 

Questions to Ask Your Eye Surgeon

While getting information about the procedure itself is important, it’s also important that you get a feel for the surgeon. You’ll want to ask about their expertise and background, along with how they determine how well LASIK will work for you. Start with these questions:

How do you determine whether LASIK is right for me and my eyes?

The best LASIK surgeons will make it clear that not everyone is a good candidate for LASIK. As such, your surgeon should get a thorough health history and a good look at your eyes before determining that LASIK is right for you. If they don’t, move on.

How experienced are you with performing LASIK on eyes like mine?

You want a LASIK surgeon that has significant experience performing the surgery you’ll receive. Ask about the number of LASIK surgeries they’ve performed with the technology they plan to use with you. If you have higher-order aberrations, ask about their experience performing LASIK on patients with similar eyes. 

What kind of results can I expect?

Again, your eye surgeon should feel comfortable being honest about what kind of vision improvement you can expect. While you may be able to expect a big improvement, be wary of any surgeon promising miracles like perfect vision forever. Make sure you have reasonable expectations going into your surgery so that you can thoroughly enjoy your improved vision after the fact.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, when you meet with an eye surgeon, you should leave the appointment feeling prepared and better educated than before about what to know about LASIK. If you feel confused or uncomfortable in any way, you haven’t found the right surgeon for you yet. Keep searching and asking these questions until you find the expert eye surgeon that leaves you feeling confident and ready to schedule your procedure. 

Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo boasts years of experience using cutting-edge LASIK eye surgery techniques. Working alongside his esteemed father Dr. Joseph Dello Russo, Dr. Jeffrey has been active in both the creation and implementation of new LASIK surgical procedures, including bladeless laser surgery in 2002. He was also the very first LASIK eye surgeon to perform the operation in the wider New York region.

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