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A Great Way to SEO

by Melanie Peterson

Understanding Link Building

Link Building is the process of getting other external websites to link to a webpage on your website through web links or hyperlinks namely Backlinks. Search engines like Google, Bing, etc., use backlinks to rank webpages and help the webpage in its search engine positions for specific keywords or strings of keyword phrases. Moreover, the backlinked webpage receives its ‘Page Rank’ based on the quantity and quality of the webpages linked to it. In addition to that, the webpage’s backlink profile defines its URL Rating.

There are three ways to get backlinks to your website. They are

  • Creating Backlinks
  • Buying Backlinks
  • Earning Backlinks

Creating Backlinks is the manual process of adding links to your website on other third party websites. Examples include Web Directories, Blog Comments, Social Media Profiles and so forth. Though efforts in this process are relatively easy, its effectiveness is low comparable to other link building methods.

Buying Backlinks is about paying webmasters or authors of useful websites to get backlinks to your website or webpage. Though this process is expensive, the method is effectively high. 

Earning Backlinks is usually done by emailing third party website owners, administrators, editors or authors and asking backlinks to your webpage for the exchange of quality content. This way, they get quality or expert content from you and in return you get quality backlinks from them.

Getting Good Backlinks

Good backlinks are defined by the Relevance and Authoritativeness of the websites giving backlinks. The more relevant the content is on the other website, the higher the quality of the backlink. However, if the websites connecting to your website have high Authority like news portal, credible or popular resource sites, etc., your website’s overall score is likely to improve drastically.

The Clickability of the backlink is enhanced by making the Destination URL prominently visible and using well thought-out yet simple and appealing Anchor Text which is either a clickable Text or Image.

Link effectiveness can be improved by making both content and pitch as creative as possible and standing out. 

Importance of Backlinks

  • The history and popularity of websites providing the backlinks can be advantageously used for the promotion of your website like a popular icon such as a sports celebrity or television anchor endorsing your brand in the physical realm. In the same way, an external website which has been enjoying the trust, popularity, endorsement and traffic can lend its credibility and merits of success to your website as this external website gives backlink to your website. This is the power of backlinks from established and High Authority websites.
  • News websites and portals are viewed by diverse sections of people daily irrespective of content types and subjects. Your page URL’s presence in such popular and happening e-zines carrying interesting stories give instant and widespread visibility to your business through notable Anchor Texts and URL mentions apart from search engine results for your keywords.
  • Backlinks in various websites can also be equated to billboards and advertisement hoardings in multiple geographical locations and strategic points. Businesses publicize their announcements and call-out messages on these Ad Boards specifically to reach out to those audiences in those locations and points in order to achieve their goals and results. Backlinks are no different either. Your call-out messages in the form of Anchor Text which may be in text or image in the backlink are intended to announce, communicate or call out to wider audiences visiting those backlinking external websites or searching keywords in search engines and arrive at these websites.
  • Segmentation can also be effectively done by placing backlinks in chosen categories of websites and platforms with desired CTA’s and Anchor Texts.
  • Business goals and targets can be achieved by the intensity and quality of backlinks placements and promotion.
  • Backlinks play a key role in getting top results in search engines and hence, a very effective SEO tool. 
  • As you can buy Backlinks and Link Building Services easily in the US, it can easily be added as a strategic SEO method, you can get quick results without waiting for months to get results.
  • The grading of your website is dependent on the quality and quantity of websites backlinked to it, the importance of Link Building cannot be ignored. So, it is high time that you buy or hire Link Building Service Providers in the US and start improving your Domain Rating and URL Rating outright.
  • Keywords Marketing can be successfully implemented for vast variety of keyword options using a planned Link Building process and systematically achieve your objectives such as site visits, sales and form fills.

Getting Started with Link Building

Link Building needs expertise and knowhow. If you are already equipped with the skill and wherewithal, you can go ahead with the process. As Link Building has to do with your website’s long term reputation and anything amiss lands can potentially land you in trouble, you may well hire Perfect Link Building Services USA and buy backlinks henceforth. 

A professional SEO company in USA understands your business, comes out with a comprehensive plan, works out the Link Building execution process to detail and implements in the right strategic direction. 

Link Building experts chart out your needs and goals and adopt the best way possible to materialize your short term and long term goals. Professional Link Building Service Providers offer the right advice and suggest you with the best Plan that suits your business requirements.

You can either buy a comprehensive SEO plan which includes Link Building or buy exclusive backlinks package.

Buying backlinks USA is not just about getting backlinks from as many as external websites as possible, but about getting relevant backlinks that are suitable to your business category. 

When you buy a Link Building service, you have to tell the Link Building Service Provider what your prime expectations and strategic intentions are. Then they will help you choose the perfect package keeping in view the list of keywords and kind of exposure your website requires. 

The choice of Link Building package also depends on how competitive your keywords are in the search engine and the nature of activities required for the purpose.

Domain Authority of backlinking websites determines the package cost to a great extent because complexity and cost involved in placing your backlink URL’s in high Domain Authority websites are very high compared to low Domain Authority websites. 

Moreover, the length of the articles published and the number of Keywords and Anchor Texts also define the package costs and constituents. 

Multiple language support, content writing services, website audit and keyword analysis are supplementary services offered by a quality Link Building Service Provider in the USA.

You will get periodical Search Engine Page Ranking (SERP) of your website that will show you how your website is progressing during the Link Building process.

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