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Marketing Podcasts to Grow Your Business

by Melanie Peterson

As a budding entrepreneur, you might be busy with your day-to-day tasks. Howbeit that shouldn’t cease your learning process or your willingness to stay updated with new growth tactics or marketing skills and tools.

For busy people like you, podcasts are an ideal solution to keep your learning process growing.


Podcasts are an ideal way for learning. So even when you are exercising, commuting from your home to your workspace, or when you wish to go for a walk or doing some tiresome task, you can listen to some podcasts related to marketing. 

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Now. let’s look at the recommended marketing podcasts.

Marketing School – Digital Marketing & Online Marketing

Eric Siu and Neil Patel get you the actionable digital marketing lessons they learned through their experience so far in this niche. So whether you have an established or start-up business or a new website, you would understand the email marketing, content marketing, general online marketing tricks, latest SEO, conversion optimization that works well at present. 

In this podcast, you would find more than one thousand four hundred episodes and thirty-five million downloads.

Online Marketing Made Easy By Amy Porterfield

Have you ever desired to have a highly experienced business mentor? Generally, every emerging entrepreneur wishes to have someone who could whisper the success secrets in their ear.

Online marketing made easy by Amy Porterfield is precisely the ideal place where you get such brilliant guidance.

In her podcast, Amy Porterfield has broken down strategies and big ideas into actionable step by step simple processes so that you get results quickly and effortlessly.  

The Smart Passive Income Online Business

In The Smart Passive Income Online Business podcast, Pat Flynn reveals his blogging strategies and online business, killer marketing tips, and income sources so you can stay ahead of the curve.

If you wish to create multiple passive income streams while having time to concentrate on your business or anything you want to do, this podcast is highly recommended for you.

Marketing Over Coffee

Would you believe me if I tell you about a podcast that’s recorded in a Boston coffee shop? Most probably not. However, it’s true in the case of Marketing Over Coffee, in which the hosts John and Chris record their podcast as they leisurely sip coffee.

They discuss the marketing nerdiness and latest trends a lot, and you will find it fun to listen throughout.

If you find this podcast interesting, grab your cup of coffee and tune in!

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article useful.

Based on your current marketing or business needs, you can subscribe to the podcasts. Did I miss your favorite podcast on my list? Let me know in the comments.

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