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Make Their Eyes Smile: 4 Captivating Web Design Practices

by Melanie Peterson
Creating a web design that leaves the viewers spellbound can be challenging, but it needs not to be difficult for a professional. However, an amateur designer keeps on looking for ideas to fuel his web design endeavor with compelling templates and adaptive layouts.

Make Their Eyes Smile: 4 Captivating Web Design Practices

Every single professional will agree with the need of a good website with customized, unique and clean design – not a generic framework or cookie-cutter template. In addition, the unshakable user experience is the backbone of enhanced brand identity and increased sales productivity. Do the quality analysis of your website and redesign or fix up the existing problems to transform it into an online store people cannot resist buying from.

Virtually every business owner will accept the fact that web design and development is a daunting task. This pertains to the dire need of hiring a web design company Dubai to cover the e-store needs you have. Whether you are looking for a new website or overhauling of an old one, the experts will give you customized web solutions aligned with your budget, size and complexity of the project.

Here are the few practices to follow while crafting a web design for gaining maximum attention from the site visitors.

1. Be High on Clarity: 

This means designing your website in a way that finding stuff becomes easier for the site users. If a visitor cannot get quickly what he wants, he will leave immediately.

Moreover, you need to create a compelling value proposition lined up with your brand’s unique selling point. People coming to your site, will ask ‘what is it?’ and ‘is it beneficial for me?’ and ‘why should I buy it?’. Therefore, from web home to inner pages, you need to incorporate clear and understandable messages.

Use attractive visuals, but avoid superlative words and be specific while communicating the message. For example, ‘homemade pasta with free delivery’ is more compelling than ‘best pasta in the town’. People get attracted to more personalized messages rather than huge claims.

2. Strong Visual Appeal:

They say ‘the simpler, the better’. In web design, it’s all about making the first impression everlasting for the potential consumers. After knowing that they reached the right place for whatever they are looking for, the customers need to be pushed towards the sales funnel.

To make the overall look and feel of the website impressive, keep the visual complexity (level of intricacy/detail in the images) low and prototypicality (how illustrative a design appears in a specific category of the website) high.

3. One Screen, One Action:

This is important to conserve the attention of the target audience. You can use larger than life images for this, but keep them relevant to what you are selling. To have a better idea about this, visit the Airbnb website. There, you will see no big wall of content and cluttering of buttons, no egocentric and irrelevant jargon etc. Instead, you will enjoy the user-centric approach that will increase your attention span. This is what you should consider while developing a site for your eCommerce business.

4. Solid Visual Hierarchy:

A simple layout is far more attractive for the majority of the people compared to a complex, innovative design. Innovation is a good thing, but keep in mind the user intent and most importantly, how a human eye perceives the things it sees. Here comes the need of building a strong visual hierarchy.

Make the important parts of the website prominent such as call to actions, forms, sign up, login, subscription and shopping cart buttons etc.

Colors matter. Usually the green colored ‘Let’s Talk’ outperform the same in when comes in orange or red color. Green tend to leave a perpetual impact.

Use well-balanced white spaces to emphasize on what matters the most on a specific page, especially the product pages and reduce everything else in the visual hierarchy.

In brief, design your website with novelty and user-centric mindset.

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