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Top 5 Brands for Car Batteries

by Melanie Peterson

No matter your vehicle’s make and model, the humble car battery is one of its electrical system’s most important components. Batteries aren’t the most glamorous or fun purchases to make. You typically find yourself making a shopping decision on a brand when your current battery malfunctions or gives out. Before you jump into learning about the top battery brands, here’s some information on how to tell when you need a new battery and how an auto charger can save your hard-earned bucks.

Signs You Need a New Car Battery

From your vehicle starting more slowly to it completely dying, here are a few signs you need a new battery:

  • Slow Start: Your car’s slow or labored start is more likely to occur in cold or freezing conditions.
  • No Start: When your car has power and headlights, but it won’t start. A dead radio is also a sign of an old or dying battery.
  • Bad Odor: Typically, batteries have no odor. If yours does, it may be giving off gases and possibly releasing damaging sulphuric acid into the engine.
  • Old Age: Most batteries have an average shelf life of four to six years. If you’ve never had to change your car’s battery or can’t remember the last time you did, chances are your battery is nearing its end.
  • Quick Death: When you start your engine and it immediately dies.

How an Auto Battery Charger Can Save You Money

Have you ever been at home, work or school and returned to your car only to find it’s dead and you’re stuck in place? If you’ve never owned an auto battery charger, now’s the time. Chargers keep your car’s power supply from running out and may boast features such as diagnostics and jump-starting. Many smart chargers can detect your battery’s condition and run fixes, which can help you avoid car repair and new battery costs over time.

Top 5 Battery Brands

Now that you know how to tell when you need a new battery and how an auto battery charger can benefit you, here are five of the top battery brands on today’s market:

  1. ACDelco Advantage: The brand manufactures batteries in a variety of group sizes and includes a rigorous quality control check system to ensure high-quality performance.
  2. Duralast: With its Gold and Platinum AGM lines, Duralast delivers products that withstand extreme conditions and provide durability and reliability.
  3. Odyssey: Fans of the brand love that the company designs and builds its batteries to last up to three times as long as standard batteries.
  4. Optima: Known for providing audio systems with cleaner and higher power, Optima batteries are also notable for their ability to withstand vibration and abuse.
  5. Valucraft: The brand manufactures batteries with reliable, consistent power and easy portability and installation, thanks to a fold-flat handle design.

Now that you know, are you ready to invest in a new car battery or charger? Browse auto retailers’ websites today for the product that fits your vehicle’s make, model and year. Many retailers provide a free VIN lookup to help you find the right products.

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