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Top 5 Best Free Blogging Platforms For You

by Melanie Peterson

Now there in this below section we will offer you all some of the best and free blogging platforms where you can try to show up your productive thinking. However, they will share your unique creation with the audiences. Let us now focus on the blogging platforms names briefly.

1. Wix

If you have strong interest and passion about writings and at the same time if you are a beginner too then you can start writing with this free blogging platform. The wix platform is free blogging site for all those boys and girls who want to make their career in writing field. However, they do charge very few on monthly basic, not like the other blogging platform where they charge a lot to post your creation. 

They give importance of your writings. However, your writing should be unique and full of valuable information so that audiences can get full information and can enjoy too by reading the writing piece as well. Hence, you all can check out this platform and give a try as well. 

2. Weebly

Another one of the best and free blogging platforms for the beginner is weebly. This platform is very famous among the writers. As this site is also free, however, they do charge a very little penny as well. If you are looking for the best blogging platform and get the chance to publish on this site then should grab the chance and create some amazing writings for publishing. 

Besides that, try to give all your best efforts in your writings so that it can clearly show up your passion about writing and your writing skill as well. This lifehack will help you to grow.

3. WordPress.org

In the year 2003 is free website launched. It is a very power blogging platform where you can find a big and active community as well. However, you will have to pay for the web hosting and domain name as well. It sets a limit on the function and look of your blog. The CMS system is quite complex for the users to use. Let’s not go with the complications and focus the benefits of this site that you will get from it. You can easily buy your domain and create your own writings as well. 

4. WordPress.com

The fourth most popular and free blogging platform is wordpress.com site. It is very easy to access this site and to use as well. The beginners can go with this blogging platform with their close eyes as it is very much in demand for its usage. Among all the best free blogging platforms it stand out very strongly among the writers. Thus, anyone can give a try on this site as well.

5. Joomla

This free blogging platform is best known as an alternatives to wordpress.org blogging platform. This platform has very much flexible and powerful content management system as well. The beginners can use this platform to build any kinds of websites that they like and continue their work as well.

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