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Why Feather Flags Are Better Than Other Alternatives of Outdoor Advertising

by Melanie Peterson

Retail business owners are always searching for different varieties of tools to promote the business. But the demand for sign spinners and feather flags is always high. However, as you delve deeper into the functions of these marketing tools, you will get to know that the flags are always better than the other forms of outdoor advertising tools.

Consider the exposure

When you are planning for aggressive outdoor marketing, you need to accept that the marketing materials will be out in the open with maximum exposure to all-natural elements like the scorching sun, severe hailstorms, snowfall, and torrential rains. 

  • The flags made from high-quality fibers that develop through the carbon composite construction process can resist the harsh weather elements effectively. 
  • These flags are also called sail flags before these can stand string both in fair and moderate weather conditions as well as in snow, rain, or storm. 

The regular banners will tear off on exposure to strong winds, but the flags won’t. 

Aiding in a clear display

Many flagpoles end up with the entire message draped and entangled around the supporting pole. No one can see the message, and all because of winds. You cannot stop the wind, but you can definitely prevent such entangling if you choose the sail flags. Some of the flags will rotate with the wind as it is in the design of construction. It will help in preventing them from tipping over or entangling to the pole. 

So you don’t have to worry anymore that no one can see the message. Some flags have arms that will aid in keeping the pennants in stretching condition all the time to improve visibility further. All these indicate that the flags will always be a better choice in windy areas as these will function better than the other options in windy conditions. 

More cost-effective

Budgeting is the spinal cord of the business. As driving the sales figure and increasing the revenue are always the name of the game, you have to lower the budget assignment for advertising if you want to maximize profit. 

It is possible to buy the sail flags as complete kits at remarkably low prices from numerous top-selling vendors, while the sign spinners continue to be charging a high rent per hour. If you did the math already, you know that the long-lasting flags will be your priority to get more bang for your dollars. 

As the advertising flags have considerable height, the message will be visible on a much larger scale than the traditional arrow sign of the sign spinners with a width of hardly 4 feet. Moreover, you get the flexibility to print on both sides with a maximum view at the traffic intersection points. 

A reliable option

You have to reduce the downtime and invest in reliable marketing tools to improve ROI. The flags function consistently and can aid in achieving the defined objectives. The fluttering flags will grab the attention of the target audience for the business or event without the investment of a considerable sum. The result will reflect on the sales figure of the company.

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