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How E-commerce is Changing – Plus Tried and Trusted Ways to Improve Your Online Sales Revenue

by Melanie Peterson

The world of retail has changed immeasurably in recent years with the growing popularity of e-commerce and online sales. The entire e-com industry is upending the old-school sales and marketing model and giving rise to previously untapped opportunities – in equally untapped markets. 

With our increasing reliance on online tech and the growing demise of the traditional high street, it’s now more important than ever for companies of all sizes in all sectors to embrace the tremendous opportunities that exist in the e-com arena – either to bolster offline sales or to branch into entirely new areas. 

The rapidly changing face – and reach – of selling online

Indeed, where once it was possible only to make small-value sales online, with today’s current breakthrough security and payment technology, it’s now possible to buy anything from flat-screen TVs to cars and even houses. This has completely transformed even previously seemingly secure markets and opened yet more opportunities for retailers. 

Ways to maximize your online sales

Whether you’re a rookie e-com entrepreneur just starting out or have an older, more established online business, below are some ideas you could try today to start increasing your online sales revenue.

Invest in search engine optimization: In a world where there are now more web pages than there are people, it’s becoming increasingly hard for content producers and web admins to stand out online. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one such way to stand head and shoulders above your competitors and drive new traffic to your site. 

Accept as many forms of payment as possible: Just as the world of e-com is expanding rapidly, so is the number of ways customers (both potential and existing) can pay for goods online. If you want to maximize your chances of completing a sale, you should look at making it as easy as possible for clients to pay you. While the biggest players will always have a place in this marketplace, don’t also forget just how many smaller, often more competitive platforms now exist, such as Square payment alternative solutions offered by companies like Omella

Think about selling over the Facebook marketplace platform: Facebook remains the most popular social media service globally with an almost unrivaled reach. If you already have a follower base on Facebook, it should almost be a no-brainer to extend and capitalize on your user numbers by moving into selling online over the platform. Even if you’re new to FB and don’t have significant follower numbers, selling over the service could add a valuable extra revenue stream at a fraction of the cost of setting up additional channels. 

Give customers additional incentives to shop with you: The idea of discounts or added-value extra gifts is as old as the hills – but don’t let that persuade you against their effectiveness for nailing a sale. While the web has offered tremendous advantages and reach to firms, the fact remains that the buying/selling process online is still relatively impersonal and is a far cry from the one-to-one service that can be offered by an in-store employee. Offering discounts, deals, or money-off vouchers for repeat purchases can go a long way to building trust and brand loyalty. 

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