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Types of Hotel Window Treatments

by Maria Berg

Window curtains play many functions along with protecting you from direct sunlight. They add more beauty and character to the room.

Window treatments are of two kinds

  • Stiff Window Treatment
  • Soft Window Treatment.

Stiff Window Treatments

Window blinds are those window covers made of wood, plastic, metal, or even fabric stripes. To open or close these blinds, a knob is turned which overlaps the stripes to close and open by scattering them.

Types Of Blinds

● Roller Blinds

Rollers are the best option as they let perfect light into the room when rolled up and when unrolled ready made curtains give the best privacy. They are often made of thick fabrics with conjunctions being used.

● Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are heavy and warm when compared with roller blinds, and when pulled up from pelmets. These are attached with cords.

● Venetian Blinds

Parallel stats of metal, wood, or plastic when placed horizontally or vertically gives us a perfect light intervention. They are easy to attract dust and get difficult while cleaning. These blinds originated from the Chinese region.

● Pinoleum Blinds

Perfect for larger windows, these inexpensive coverings are made of fine wood tripes held together by cotton. Though these blinds let the light pass through from it. It comes with a spring roller or can be moved up and down by cords.

● Vertical Louver Blinds

Vertical louver blinds are perfect for those rooms which have windows up to ceilings. These curtains are similar to Venetian. The only difference between Venetian and vertical louvers is that they close across rather than down. The stripes are wide and less opaque.

● Balasore blinds

These curtains are pleated to make them act like folding blinds. Balasore blinds are made of paper fiber which is strong. The curtains have small holes to let light seep through without glare.

● Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are made from paper which is much stronger than Balasore blinds. The curtains have small pleats. Pleated blinds do provide privacy but let the sunlight pass through and tint the color of paper. The common colors of pleated blinds are orange, blue, green, and such.

● Austrian Blinds

The fabric used in Austrian blinds is ruched and trimmed with gathers. Mostly found in lobbies, coffee shops, or banquet halls which have large windows. They look beautiful even when half raised or fully raised they act like a decorative element.

Types Of Shades

● Bamboo and woven wood shades

The pleated shades let light and sir seep into, and even allow outward visibility during the day. Depending on the tightness of the weave and the size of the slate, it even blocks the inward view.

● Fabric Roller Shades

The stencil pattern on rollers brings an interesting look to the window when light enters through the design. Fabric roller shades are inexpensive and can be adjusted accordingly to cover the window as per your desire. These shades can be translucent or opaque. The color availability and texture and pattern availability are great.

● Window Shutter

Shutters are moveable wooden stips that are fixed in a wooden frame. They provide privacy to an extent and even control light. The cost of window shutters is high but it is one of the most lasting and durable curtains.

Types Of Window Screen

● Shoji Screen

The shoji screen is a hardboard panel which has a cut-out fabric panel stretched across the wooden frame. Initially, these windows are made of rice paper on a wooden frame and located with black lacquer. These shades are available in translucent material.

● Window screens

The insect screen or bug screens are known as window screens. These are made of fiberglass, plastic, metal, and such material. The screen is spread across the frame of wood or aluminum of an open window. The use of these screens is that they help in keeping away insects, debris, birds, animals, and leaves from entering.

Soft Window Treatment Curtain

A curtain is a long fabric piece which is used to block light or water in case it is a shower curtain. They perform many important functions.

Types Of Curtains

1. Cloth curtains

You can easily control your privacy and light from these cloth curtains. They even soak the noise, depending upon the thickness of the curtain. They bring a charm to the room they are hanging in.

2. Glass curtains

Fabrics like cotton and polyester are used to make these sheer or net curtains. They look most beautiful in pastels.

3. Draw Curtains

Mounted on traverse rods, these curtains are made of translucent or opaque fabric. The curtains initially were used between draperies and glass curtains but these days they are used alone.

4. Tiebacks

Either one or both panels are tied back. A pair of curtain-tied curtains make the window look more narrow than a single curtain. It is recommended to tie it below or just above the mid-section of the window.

5. Criss-Cross curtains

A variation of tieback curtains is the Criss Cross curtain. The curtain panels overlap each other at the top to width and give the window a wider appearance.

6. French Cafe Curtains

These curtains cover the lower part of the window. They provide privacy on one part and light at another. They look perfect in an informal setting.

Types Of Drapery

1. Straight hung drapes

They are recommended to use as balance, but they will look incomplete without decorative heading.

2. Panel Drape

This drape only covers the side of the window area and is used in the staircase.

3. Pelmets and cornices

To hide the hardware and rods, box-like structures are made at the top horizontal of the curtains. The width of these cornices should be less than 1/8th of the total length of drapery. They are made of plastic, wood, or mirror.

4. Swags and cascades

Swags are drapery treatments which hide the headings of the curtain.

5. Valances

Valance is a window treatment which covers the upper part of the window, and can be paired with curtains or can stand alone. These should be around 1/6th the height of the window.

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