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4 Electrical DIY Projects That You Should Get An Electrician To Complete

by Melanie Peterson

Everyone enjoys the sense of accomplishment that comes with solving a problem and finding a solution. Because we all know that a professional job is expensive, we love finding ways to save money.

However, there are times when it’s worth spending more time and money to hire someone who can properly and professionally manage a project. How do you know when to let go of DIY and hire a professional to handle the project?

A professional should be hired for any electrical wiring project, even if it seems simple, such as replacing an outlet or changing a light fixture. If you don’t have a solid understanding of electrical wiring, electrical shock can happen in a matter of seconds.

These are four common projects that, no matter how simple they may seem, should be left to professionals.

Fixing a Short

Although it may appear simple to fix an electrical short, it can be difficult – especially if you have aluminium wiring issues or your home is older. These issues are responsible for hundreds of house fires every year and send around a thousand people to the hospital each year. It is time to contact a professional if your wiring is failing.

Electrical Work in the Bathroom and Kitchen

These rooms can be dangerous because they contain both electricity and water. Without the expert assistance of an electrician, never attempt to repair or replace wiring, outlets or light fixtures in these areas.

Installation of new outlets

If you are using too many power strips and extension cords, you might be tempted to add a few more outlets to increase safety. This is another project that may seem simple but requires professional assistance. If you don’t have a good understanding of electrical wiring, it is possible to cause electrocution and even fire in your home.

Installing New Circuits

Old wiring and circuits can trip, especially in older homes. Never attempt to install a new circuit breaker yourself if this happens. In Charge Electric can safely upgrade and install sub-panels to ensure that your home is able to handle modern electrical requirements.

Before you begin any DIY project, it is important to have an electrician inspect the work. 

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