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Tips to Buy Bedsheets Online

by Melanie Peterson

Your bedroom is the most important space in the house – you retire there to rest and detach from the stresses of the world. It is your place of refuge and solitude, and you are proud of how beautifully it is decorated.

Except, you are unhappy with the state of your bed. You might change your lumpy mattress sometime soon, but even the bedsheets you are currently using are not to your liking. When used for several years, bedsheets can lose their crispness and colour. Even the most well-decorated bedroom will look old and frumpy if your bed linen is not up to scratch.

The obvious solution is to buy new bedsheets to give your bed an instant facelift. This is easy to do, but have you never purchased bedsheets online before? We present an easy guide to help you:

#1 Assess your need before you start looking

It is simple enough to buy bedsheets online, but you must know how many you need and what you’re looking for. Otherwise, it can become quite frustrating browsing through umpteen sites which have a wide range of choices. You know what you like, the kind of colours and patterns that appeal to you the most, the size of the bedsheet, or whether you want comforters and bed runners to match as well. You might wish to rehaul your entire bedsheets stock or purchase just a couple of new ones. Set a budget and make a list of all the new bed linen you need to buy and start browsing.

#2 Buy only from leading online stores in India

The good news is that there are myriad options in bed linen online. The bad news is that most of the stuff you see online is either not as good as it appears on your screen, or of an inferior quality. We recommend choosing leading online stores to buy bedsheets online – they have the best collections, high quality fabrics, easy purchase processes and quick delivery. You will find that leading brands also offer competitive pricing.

#3 Look up maintenance and care tips from the manufacturer

Your bedsheets and pillow covers can last long and serve you for many years if you take good care of them. Most people wash their bed linen with the wrong detergent or at higher temperatures than necessary. This damages the fabric and fades its colours. Or you might send your bedsheets and other bed linen to the dry cleaners – another mistake that impacts the thread integrity to a large extent. While placing your order, check the online brand’s recommendations for care and maintenance. Top brands specify how to wash the product, whether dry cleaning is allowed, if putting it in the dryer is allowed, and so on. If the care and maintenance protocol is too time consuming or involves impractical or expensive steps that you will not be able to follow, it is better to buy from another brand. We recommend checking the brand’s return and exchange policy beforehand so that you can initiate your return request within the specified time.

#4 Ask for the delivery team protocols being followed

The Coronavirus shows no signs of abating in the country, and though bed linen brands and e-commerce sites take customer safety seriously, you can never be too cautious about products being delivered to your house. Before placing your order, make sure to have a chat with the online store about their supply and delivery protocols being followed. The purchases must be securely wrapped in their own casing and sanitised thoroughly at various points in the delivery chain. This conversation is important considering the growing numbers of COVID-19 cases in India.

#5 Pay for the bedsheets online and await delivery

Once you are convinced about buying the best bedsheets online at a price that suits you, you can proceed to pay for the selected items online. It is best to pay digitally instead of opting for the COD (Cash On Delivery) option during this time. Once payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation on your SMS and email with the order details. Once shipped, the brand sends a tracking ID for you to find out where exactly the product has reached and when it will be delivered to you. Leading brands take about three to four business days to deliver, however timings might be affected if your city has lockdown restrictions in place. Upon delivery, do not open the package but sanitise it thoroughly first. Once it has dried, wear a pair of gloves to open the package and study its contents. If you are satisfied with the products, you may store them in your closet. If not, you may initiate a return or exchange for the bedsheets. 

Now go ahead and enjoy your new bedsheets and revel in the change they bring to your bedroom!

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