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How Can You Prevent Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

by Melanie Peterson
Rocky Mountain spotted fever is basically a deadly bacterial infection, which is known to be spread by ticks. Without any treatment, this disease is capable of causing excessive harm to the internal organs, which include your heart as well as kidneys. The early symptoms, as well as signs of this disease, include mild to severe headache along with high fever. Also, a rash is known to appear on both the ankles as well as the wrists of the patients. It is going to respond well if treated promptly with antibiotics. According to Emedicine.com, the mortality rate is 30% for Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

You have the option of decreasing the chance of getting affected by Rocky Mountain spotted fever by ensuring certain precautions. Given below is a list of the precautions that you should definitely take care of.

Make sure that you are wearing long sleeves and pants

Whenever you are walking in a grassy or wooded area, it is your responsibility to wear shoes, as well as long pants, which should be tucked into your socks. You cannot miss wearing long-sleeved shirts as well. Apart from that, it is your responsibility to stick to the trails, so that you can avoid walking through the long grasses or the low bushes.

Make use of insect repellent

Products, which contain DEET, are responsible for repelling ticks. It is your responsibility to ensure that you follow all the instructions that are mentioned on the label. Apart from that, certain clothes have integrated permethrin within the fabric, and this is something extremely toxic to the ticks. If you wear these types of clothes, you can be sure that you will be able to decrease the contact of tick, when you are outdoors.

Tick-proof your garden

Another important thing that you can do in order to avert Rocky Mountain spotted fever is by clearing the leaves as well as bushes in your garden, where ticks can live. You should also keep the woodpiles in areas that are sunny.

Ensure that you are checking yourself as well as your pets for ticks

It is obvious that you are going to go for a walk with your pets. However, if you visit grassy and wooded areas, it is crucial that you check both yourself as well as your pets thoroughly. You also need to understand that few ticks are not bigger than a pin, and hence it can be extremely difficult to discover them. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be extremely careful. You can also shop Elisa kits so that you can perform the test yourself to check if you have the disease.

Remove the ticks with the help of tweezers

Most people do not have an idea as to how they should be removing the ticks. You have to grasp the ticks near their head or mouth. You should not crush or squeeze the ticks; rather you should ensure that you are pulling them steadily and carefully. As soon as the entire tick is removed, wash the bitten area either with soap and water or rubbing alcohol. Also, wash the tweezers as well as your hand properly to ensure that no infected fluid is present.


You might come across a number of methods for removing ticks. However, it is suggested that you follow the ones that have been mentioned above in order to ensure that you are getting 100% protection from ticks as well as Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

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