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Five Benefits of Organic Hair Color

by Maria Berg

The idea of hair coloring has never ever gone out of style and in recent times, the hair coloring market has flourished with such unique and out-of-the-box inventions. One such is an organic hair color and it is all in the name; it’s organic and if truly stated by the company then it is purely free from all the dangerous chemicals. Most of the toxic hair dyes have ammonia, formaldehyde, sodium laurel sulphates, and parabens present which should strictly be avoided for the health of your locks. Therefore, here are some of the benefits of organic hair color.

Five Benefits of Organic Hair Color

You may remember back in your hometowns, your grandfathers and grandmothers would emphasize so much on the fact that natural fruits and vegetables are so much healthier and more nutritious than the ones induced with carbides; they are not good for your health in the long run. This same logic has been used to support organic and herbal hair colors. Absolutely no amount of chemicals for your hair is acceptable to flaunt your perfect hair dye. Organic dyes are manufactured from all-natural ingredients which not only feed your hair nutrients but also impart the good old natural hair dyes.

Be aware when purchasing hair dyes because all brands are openly claiming to NOT have any chemicals in them. Another product to be avoided is permanent hair dyes because permanent means it will undoubtedly have multiple hazardous chemicals in them so as to make the dye last for a longer amount of period.

Benefits of Organic Hair Color

Here are the five Benefits of Organic Hair Color and why you should favor organic over chemical hair dyes.

• Conceal those greys in a sea of your natural hair:

This is a cycle of life and everyone today or tomorrow will obtain grey hair and it is better to conceal them with organic dyes rather than chemical ones. Organic dyes don’t worsen the condition of your hair strands with ammonia, parabens, PPD, or other chemicals. Instead, they nourish and make your hair shiny.

• Natural treatments:

Nature has the power to heal your skin, hair, body, and all other things. Therefore, the herbal dye becomes an advantage for your hair, scalp, and skin with extreme nourishment from natural leaves as they preserve the hair strands from its insides. Chemical dyes make your hair dry, dull, and rough after your treatment due to the presence of chemicals, whereas natural ones will feed the scalp and hair strands from the core of the strands.

• Cures hair problems

We all have hair fall, split ends, brittle hair, dandruff, etc., and the herbal properties of nature help to fight its beneficial organic goodness and cure all these existing hair issues.

• For all the hair types

Whether you have curly, frizzy, sleek straight, or wavy hair type, it does not matter. Natural products cater to all types of hair types. Do keep in mind any ingredients that you are allergic to and dodge those products, even if it is natural. Health comes first and hair color is a rather bold hair statement.

• Minimum environment impact

All the natural ingredients like leaves, bark, flowers, fruits, or vegetables are made into a fine powder by drying them completely which makes it a biodegradable component, making them extremely eco-friendly.

KEO is a supreme brand in fabricating organic hair dye and hair care products worldwide. KEO products have the Benefits of Organic Hair Color through their organic and herbal products which are necessary for good hair dyes.

• Herbal Hair Colors

The herbal hair colors have a variety of shades that you may choose from. They are flawless and a gift for people who are trying to find a long-lasting solution to their hair color woes with chemical-free hair colors that conceal all the grays, strengthen your hair, and add shine.

• Natural Henna Powder

Natural Henna Powder has no synthetic colors added to it and gives a stunning color payoff to grey hairs. It’s free from toxic chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Peroxide, and Paraben. Henna has been used as a hair pack for a long time and KEO merged it as a product of hair dye along with the benefits of henna.

• Natural Indigo Powder

The high-quality natural indigo powder for hair coloring objectives is constructed from the leaves of the shrub of the Indigofera tinctoria, the indigo plant which is extensively cultivated in India. It gives an extremely natural, decadent, and deep indigo shade to grey hair that long lasts and makes you want to dye your hair indigo every time.

It is better to prefer herbal and organic dye as it may not cause any allergies, the color lasts longer and fades gently without damaging the locks. The chemical one will damage your locks and the natural herbal one will repair your locks; now you have to decide your hair dye weapon.

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