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9 Perfect Tips To Rejuvenate Your Skin After Vacation – You Cannot Miss Out These

by Melanie Peterson
“Once a year, go somewhere you have never been before.”

Traveling is one of the best hobbies you can practice not only to find cool riveting places but also to explore yourself a bit more every time because that’s what our ultimate goal is; to find ourselves. Ok, enough with the philosophy, and I will come straight to the point. Traveling can be a really addicting therapy but post traveling, your skin changes, because of the change in the ambiance it’s been exposed to and to rejuvenate your old healthier skin, we bring in the best tips for you. Also we have this ultimate skin care routine guide based on your skin type; because each individual has a different skin type.

Either it was a beach vacation or tropical, some basic care needs to be followed for a period of time and we mention them here.

#9 After Vacation Skin Care Tips

Hydrate Frequently: The Golden Rule

For any good to happen to your skin, this rule applies everywhere. And why not? Water has so many essential qualities that our body needs to be refilled with consistently and that can never be replaced with something else. Vacationing definitely reduces your drinking water habit because you are out mostly.

So, if possible increase the intake of water by at least 1-2 glasses. Adding lemon to water or natural herbs or fruits will taste better and will hydrate also. You can also add milk in your daily diet intake to hydrate your body more. So increase the consumption of liquid substances.

Exfoliate your Body and Face

While you were traveling, either you were walking down the streets and alleys or you were chilling on a beach, your skin became more prone to dust and dirt which clog the pores of your body and face making it dull and you would definitely not want that now that you are back.

So, you must have an exfoliating face scrub and a body scrub too I suppose. Therefore, after gentle cleansing, do not forget to scrub once or twice just after returning. You can also look for these homemade DIY scrubs for better natural results.

Face Masks are Must

Applying face masks is a significant step in rejuvenating the skin because it unclogs the pores which can be left out during exfoliation along with the removal of excess oils and hydration of your skin directly. Along with that, you also need to give your skin an overnight spot treatment with lotions and liquids available in the market to protect your pores from congestion. Try these vitamin C face serum – pro face serums suggested by experts.

Take a Salt Bath 

It is often recommended that Dead sea salt is the best when it comes to therapeutic purposes and taking a salt bath helps in the relaxation of your body and ease the sore muscles along with providing relief to certain skincare issues. So arrange a salt bath session and relax and regenerate your energy.


Facial massage increases the blood circulation and oxygen flow to your facial muscles which helps in your skin relax and rejuvenate altogether post vacation. It also encourages collagen production which prevents any aging symptoms. It is better to also get a full body massage also as it will increase the blood circulation in your whole body and is very comforting to overcome jet-lag. Feeling comfort by reading only; the practical experience will be more smoothing.

Massage helps in a good blood circulation into the veins and makes your skin more bright and glowing.

Your hair needs care too

Not only your body and face but your hair also get affected after a long journey to Europe or Asia. So, give your hair a proper cleansing session along with a hair mask session and oil conditioning treatment so that you can revitalize your natural hair oil which is responsible for shine and strength and helps in avoiding split-ends. Also try to make hairstyles in which your hair remain tied up so that it will damage less.

Get a Manicure-Pedicure Done

Getting an appointment for Manicure-Pedicure is the best thing you can do to your nails and feet to come again in natural shape. If you don’t find the available slot at the salon no worries try this at-home pedicure and pamper yourself at the comfort of your home. Manicure-pedicure are great as they help to get rid of the dead old skin and make your feet and hands soft and smooth.

Change in Diet

Add a lot of antioxidant food in your diet and fruits to detoxify your body and flush the system naturally. Berries and melons are good for hydration. Go easy on carbs while you are on detox and eat a lot of greens and proteins.

Cut out alcohol for a while to properly maintain your detox. In-take detox water and drinks on a regular basis. Eat healthy and half of the problem gets solved.

Come back to normal

As soon as you get back from traveling, do get a good night sleep and start on your normal everyday skincare routine regardless of however you feel. Once your skin gets to its old routine it will start revving by itself. Get proper sleep of minimum 7 hours and stay alive the whole day.

Therefore, to conclude all that, cleanse and exfoliate properly and moisturize yourself from head to toe heavily with special treatments and detoxing with a natural diet will help you with rejuvenating your younger healthier skin quickly and perfectly. Do not miss out on any advice and visible results will be running to you without fail. Because you need to rock n roll for your next upcoming trips and don’t ruin the picture perfect photographs with that tan lines and dull skin.

Travel more, Rejuvenate regularly, Hydrate frequently, Pamper skin, Take a Good Night sleep.

Follow this travel mantra and trip more with your friends, family, kids, or why not travel solo! Thank you for reading.

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