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eBay vs Etsy – Where Should You Set Your New Venture?

by Melanie Peterson

Marketing products on an existing sales platform can save you huge sums and valuable time. The range of digital stores available today provides your business with many opportunities to set up a store in just a few clicks. Etsy and eBay are probably two of the most prominent online commercial centers on the planet. If you were wondering, where should you stand on the eBay vs Etsy debate, ExportYourStore experts are here to provide a few guidelines that will help you make an informed choice. 

Your customer base is key

In many aspects, the eBay vs. Etsy debate is a classic quantity vs. quality issue. In the event that building an unwavering client base is crucial for your business model, there is no doubt that eBay has the bigger customer base. However, there is nothing you can’t find on eBay. It is a commercial colossus. To compete effectively, you will have to find effective strategies to surpass hundreds of other vendors offering almost identical solutions. On Etsy, on the other hand, although the product range in the store is narrower, it seems to be a more loyal customer base that tends to make repeat purchases from sellers who have met their needs.

Then again – why not both?

Today more than ever, many store owners are realizing that the best way to resolve this dilemma is not to get into it at all. With smart integration tools you will be able to sync all your products across multiple stores and enjoy all the benefits they offer. ExportYourStore invites you to rethink the options that await your online business and experiment with a new and game-changing tool. Download it now for a trial period or contact us today for more details.

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