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How to Deal with Back Pain and Wake Up Smiling

by Melanie Peterson

Back Pain Can Be Serious; Overcome It As You Can:

You’re going to have back pain eventually, the question is how severe it is, and what you do about it. Sometimes you get back pain owing to your work. Sometimes you’ve been injured—a mild car crash can cause serious whiplash. In other scenarios, you’re dealing with congenital issues.

If one leg is a quarter inch longer than another, you might experience pain after a long walk. Even how you sleep can hurt your back, and that’s something you really want to think about, because it’s one of the few things that you have control over. 

So with that in mind, this writing will cover tactics to explore regarding how you sleep for best results as regards your back.

1. Stretch Before You Go To Bed And After You Wake Up:

One of the biggest reasons you’re going to deal with back pain has to do with a lack of proper stretching. Especially if you’ve had a hard day bent over or leaning in a way that isn’t conducive to back health, you need to stretch to help work the kinks out.

Before you go to bed, stretch for a few minutes using key stretches designed for your back. In the morning when you wake up you have to repeat this process.

2. Keep Pillow between Your Legs when you’re sleeping

Your legs are heavy and they pull on your pelvis, twisting your back. When you sleep on your side, whatever leg is “on the top” pulls on muscles and bones, and this ends up hurting your back. Putting a pillow between your legs can help alleviate that pressure.

3. Find Mattresses Designed For Couples:

Couples mattresses are designed to be forgiving when cuddles or other intimate situations are taking place. Whether you’re single or part of a couple, such mattresses tend to be a great way to help you overcome back issues. Also, the intimacy of couples can sometimes additionally play a part in helping alleviate back pain owing to associated physical exertion.

If you didn’t know that there was an option regarding the right mattress for couples, or you haven’t slept on such a mattress before, now they’re definitely worth considering, and you can find a variety of alternatives in brick-and-mortar stores as well as across the internet.

4. Consider Changing Your Favored Sleeping Position:

When you sleep on your stomach, that actually hurts your back owing to how your head on your pillow “bends” your neck, which is directly connected to your spine. As mentioned earlier, side-sleeping can end up being bad for your back as well, owing to the weight of your legs pulling on your body. The best solution for back pain is to sleep on your back.

However, not all people can fall asleep this way, so it can be hard for you to get the rest you need if you’re not used to this position. One possible solution is exercising in a safe way that doesn’t further injure your back, and staying awake a long time. Then you’ll be tired enough to fall asleep even if you’re not used to that position.

However, do be careful what you eat before you go to bed. If you’re fighting heartburn, then sleeping on your back may not be possible, as acid reflux will make a cameo in the middle of the night. Should that happen, sometimes the only way you can get back to sleep is to sit up with pillows behind you, and your head leaned forward. That’s also bad for your back.

Sleeping In A Way That Doesn’t Damage Your Back:

Granted, some of the alternatives briefly outlined here may not fit your specific needs. Definitely check with your doctor to assure tips explored here are the kind you can apply safely. There are so many ways to do this.

A few ways that are likely going to be very helpful include stretching before you go to bed, sleeping with a pillow between your legs, utilizing mattresses designed for couples (whether or not you’re part of a couple), and potentially changing the primary position you gravitate toward when you sleep.

Sometimes there’s little that can be done for back pain. However, it could be possible that a simple change in the way you sleep is all that’s really necessary. So if you haven’t considered this, or tried such alternatives, you might want to.

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