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Dentist Ads Worse Than Cavities, Root Canal Them Immediately

by Melanie Peterson

An average dental practice will need more than twenty new patients for it to grow per month at least for it to grow. Now, here’s the real problem. Traditional dentist ads are not cutting it anymore.

Yes, you heard that right! Currently, most consumers go online looking for local services. And, a huge percentage of the online customers search for dental services within their local area. That tells you that dentist’s ads are the next step in dental marketing. Meaning, if you recently starting your practice, then keep on reading this article to find out how you can utilize the online world to your gain.

Why Is Digital Marketing an Important Factor for Your Dental Practice?

We all know that marketing your dental practice is important. But it’s a little more complicated when it comes to knowing how to advertise your practice. Every year, dental clinics are increasing in numbers especially in urban areas. But the number of patients remains the same. Therefore, not utilizing digital marketing can be fatal for your business.

Another reason for using digital marketing is that it can make your dental clinic look like a reputable brand even if it’s the new kid on the block. It doesn’t matter if your clinic is small or just a multi-branch. You can also double the price of your services when your brand is reputable and trustworthy.

With all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the dentist ads tips that will help your business grow.

Top 5 Dentist Adverting Tips That Will Help Your Business Grow

1. Create Eye-Catching, Relevant, And Humorous Content

Obviously, as a dentist, your primary goal is to put a smile on your customers. The same goes for your potential customers. What do I mean? Start by ensuring your content is eye-catching in a way that every viewer would want to check out your website or clinic.

Also, all your content should answer questions that are running through your customer’s minds. For instance, is the process of dental check-up painless? A bit of fun and engaging content will quickly lure your potential customers to your doorstep. Remember, dentist ads are all about convincing your customers that they should come to your clinic for their routine check-ups, and in case of a dental emergency without feeling like they are stepping into unknown territory.

2. Create Powerful Worded Content That Tugs on A Person Emotions.

The best way to get the attention of your potential customers is by ensuring that everyone can relate to your advertisement. Imagine if you found a dentist ad that didn’t even evoke any emotional response to you? Worst of all, you find out that the practice itself is found in a back alley with a sketchy front- What would you do?

The first thing that will come to your mind is; they are probably trying to force you to laugh continuously, right? Why? The first impression in the dental industry matters and most patients won’t want to be treated in a place that looks like it doubles up as a black market for surgical operations with stolen organs.

With that in mind, your dentist ads are the first interaction that your customers will have with your practice. That means that your potential customers will automatically judge you from how your dentist ads look. Always ensure that your ads have a way of connecting to the customers using powerful words and most of all, the customers have an emotional connection to it. 

3. Ad Budget Management & Targeted Demographic

In general, the dentist ads budget is a subset of the larger sales budget within the marketing budget. Meaning, dentist ads are part and parcel of sales and marketing effort. In addition to that, every penny that you spend on advertising can be regarded as an investment since it helps build up your business.

To have an effective dentist ads campaign, you will need to ask yourself the following questions:

Who Are My Targeted Customers?

That is, who will be interested in coming to your clinic after looking at a specific dentist ad and what is your consumer demographic (their age, sex, attitude, employment status, etc.)? This question is useful in creating a consumer profile that gives you an idea of the faces and personalities of your potential customers. It can be quite useful in your ad budget management.

What Is the Type of Media You Are Planning to Use?

Currently, there are different ways of reaching your consumers. You can either use print, television, or radio. What’s more, the internet offers an effective way of connecting to your potential customers.

How Much Will You Earn from The Advertisement?

It’s very important to know your returns for every dollar that you will be spending on your advertisement. This will help you budget for your campaigns and also project the potential profit returns you will get out of it.

When all is said and done, this section will give you a clearer definition of your market condition and what to anticipate from your advertisement.

4. Offer Something Free

A way of promoting your business is through free giveaways. You can also host a competition or challenge that will increase your local organic traffic and client engagement.

When patients share your competition on social media and add a hashtag or location to it, this will direct their audience to your practice. In addition to that, such giveaways build your brand awareness. We all love free giveaways and this will get people excited. For instance, you can give out a free special tooth whitening kit. 

5. Track Your Analytics

For you to know that your dentist ads are effective, you will need to find the best way to track your customer conversions. This can be a bit difficult when dealing with advertisement platforms such as TVs, radios, and print media. However, digital marketing is different.

All you have to do is use Google Analytics to track how your website analytics or use the social media platform ad analytics (Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest), etc. This also allows you to track the performance of all your marketing strategies and more.

To Wrap All This Up

As you can see, the online world has changed marketing forever. Thankfully, it’s on a positive note. So, as a dentist, you need to tap into the online market and ensure the success of your business. With that in mind, just follow the above steps and watch your business grow or have an trained  PPC Agency or a trained Local SEO Agency to handle it on your behalf.  If you liked this piece, then stick around for more interesting ones.

Written by Jamylee Germany

Digital Marketing Consultant

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