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Tech Must-Haves for Creative Businesses

by Melanie Peterson

Technology has provided creatives with the opportunity to expand their greatest ideas to become reality, in the most simplistic ways. Everything from leveraging your artistic abilities digitally to leading a top creative agency involves the inclusion of technology in some way or another. Making your brand meaningful and valuable for consumers isn’t possible today without the use of technology. Read along to learn more about some of the greatest gadgets creatives rely on today.

Gimbal Stabilizer 

A gimbal stabilizer is an accessory for your camera. You can support and stabilize your camera by applying a gimbal, which utilizes motors and intelligent sensors so you can film smooth footage while mobilizing. While large film productions leverage the use of Dollys and Steadicams that require computer operation, the gimbal is labeled more as a digitally focused miniature stabilizer, making this accessory perfect for any GoPro or handheld camera device. Have you ever witnessed a chicken being held and moved around? Their head typically stays in the same place. This is what the gimbal and it’s mount will look and feel like. Gimbals are great for Videographers who are just starting out as they’re simple to use.

Consumer Drones

Drones have become more mainstream recently and are now designed for consumers to use comfortably by controlling them with your smartphone. They are being used in agriculture for spraying the crops. According to Talos Drones, the DJI Agras MG-1P has already boosted crop productions of many farmers.

Photographers and Videographers can make their portfolio stand out by infusing drone technology into their offerings. The utilization of drone photography can amplify your house staging project, wedding photography, event photography and so much more. If you’re a creative looking to uniquely expand your portfolio, try incorporating drone photography into your work.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is specifically useful for designers and illustrators alike. You’ll notice I didn’t just mention a tablet, and that’s because the iPad Pro has awarded itself the badge of approval by many notable designers. Besides the fact that Apple app developers are highly active in the community, the features the iPad Pro has are unlike any other tablet you can get your hands on. Their all-screen design paired with the Liquid Retina display component makes for smooth and distortion free edges, not to mention True Tone which promotes a more natural appearance by adjusting the white balance within the display. The most recent 2020 models include a LiDAR Scanner that can be used to develop augmented reality, making this device useful for app creators who seek to include try-on features within their app. These newer models are also compatible with older generation iPad accessories such as the second generation Apple Pencil.

Apple Pencil

As a creative, you can’t have an iPad Pro without a beloved Apple Pencil. iPad Pro’s are compatible with non Apple stylus pens. The Apple Pencil delivers high quality performance and accuracy each time you use it, making it worth the investment. One of the most loved features is the built in Palm Rejection that allows you to write or sketch comfortably without having your hand or fingers cause unwanted interruptions. Palm Rejection technology used for alternative stylus pens don’t always sync perfectly with your tablet. The pressure and tilt sensitivity are also top features which allow you to insert thin or thick lines, or shading when you tilt the pencil if your project calls for dimension.


It’s safe to say Zoom had its breakthrough moment in 2020. If your company is operating on Zoom then you can probably attest to how efficient it is to keep in touch with your colleagues, giving you that face-to-face connection when you can’t physically be in the office together. What about teachers and fitness instructors? In today’s current state, having a creative business with the intention to learn a lesson such as dance choreography or a new song on your guitar, it’s critical to have an outlet where you can offer these classes virtually. Before the pandemic hit, Zoom recorded a total of 10 million users. Since March 2020, Zoom’s user count has sky-rocketed and has recorded over 200 million users. This tremendous growth has helped creatives businesses all around the world continue to succeed through these trying and uncertain times.

3D printer

With so many ideas coming from you and your team for content and projects, it’s important to have a technology that can help those ideas come to life. A 3D printer can do just that. Specifically when it comes to creating prototypes for products, 3D printers can be helpful with experimenting with a number of  colors, materials, and finishes. In businesses like jewelry making, you can even create intricate, complex final products to sell to your customers. It’s perfect for businesses with a large product-base as well given that you can customize a number of designs in a reasonable amount of time. For marketing and advertising, many business owners use the technology to create promotional products like business cards, signs, stickers, and packaging for their business. All in all, and 3D printer can help any entrepreneur to expand their business in a number of areas and may be ideal for you business as well.

Creative businesses are becoming more and more prevalent as entrepreneurs pursue their dreams in a range of areas such as art, design, content creation, and so many more. However, without taking advantage of the available technological resources that can help to boost your business execution, it’d be difficult to keep up with the competition. Using a Gimbal stabilizer and a drone can help take your photography and videography to a new level. An iPad and Apple pencil gives you complete creative freedom with your designs and art pieces as well. For any business, Zoom can drive communication throughout your team and with clients and potential customers as well. Lastly, a 3D printer can make all your entrepreneurial dreams possible in the most efficient way. So, before you make your next business decision, consider how you can help support the creative aspects of your business and start implementing these tools into your projects and plans to take your business to a new level.

Author Bio: Marie Johnson is a tech writer for the technology magazine Enlightened Digital. She also works as a UX designer for a major tech company based out of New York. With her passion for writing and years of experience in the field of technology, she now enjoys combining the two worlds and sharing her knowledge and tips with the online tech community.

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