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Crypto1capital Review – Why Traders Feel Mentally Relieved While Trading with It

by Melanie Peterson

If you give me a choice between a broker that offers a lot of bonuses and incentives, and a broker that gives me peace of mind while trading, I would pick the second one every time. This is something that has started to make sense to me after years of trading. I can tell you that mental peace is important because you can trade with confidence once you are mentally relieved. My Crypto1capital review will focus on how this broker has given sheer mental peace to its traders.

By doing this, it has allowed them to be successful in their trading careers. Also, it has built such a great relationship with them that they recommend it to their peers and colleagues. Let’s learn about Crypto1capital in this review.

Security without Compromise

There is no compromise on your security as a trader once you have decided to join this trading platform. I am confident when I say that the security features on this platform are better than the features on other platforms. The funds you deposit are kept in segregated accounts because that’s the rule the industry follows. Secondly, Crypto1capital has made sure to adhere to KYC and AML policies, and every trader that joins this platform has to share their information under the clauses of these policies. The accounts are protected through 24/7 monitoring and 2FA authorizations.

The information you share on the platform does not leave your computer without being encrypted. The purpose of encryption is to ensure the security of every letter, symbol, and word that you have shared with the company. The broker also makes sure that only secured servers are used for storing your data where no unauthorized personnel have access to your data.

Customer Support When You Need It

I have noticed that a lot of traders lose confidence as soon as they begin trading when they look at the customer support from their broker. They sign up looking at the bonuses and perks they would get and completely ignore this important feature. However, I am sure the customer support you will receive on this platform will be unprecedented. The staff is trained in talking to you and resolving the matters with their knowledge. Secondly, you are not limited to just a contact us form on the website to get in touch with them. In fact, you can also email them and they make sure to return your emails within 24 hours of receiving them.

The phone number is there on the website that you can use for getting in touch with the company. Last but not least, you can use the live chat feature. This feature is great in the sense that you don’t have to wait too long to talk to someone. As soon as you open the live chat window, there is an agent available to help you with everything that you can discuss about your trading account.

The Platform with Advanced Features

The one last thing that I think brings peace to the mind of traders who join Crypto1capital is the trading platform itself. This platform is designed to offer you a convenient trading experience. Firstly, every option on this platform is intuitively located, so you don’t have to spend time trying to find your away around on it. Secondly, it is very fast and executes your trading orders within micro seconds. It can be used on any device because it is a web-based trading platform. You can use it on your smartphones as well as the desktop in your house. It is compatible with most operating systems, such as Windows, Android, and iOS.

Final Thoughts

With these features, the company has been able to give its traders some great peace of mind. The peace of mind they get on this platform has allowed them to focus fully on their trading career. It allows them to trade with focus and stay consistent with the outcomes of their trades.

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