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A Bohemian Style History Lesson

by Melanie Peterson

They were broadly debating the precise origins of women’s boho style and culture. The outcome of the French Revolution in 1799 brought hardship that struck writers, artists, and creatives. They had no option but to wear old, worn-out clothes that were far from fashionable. These ways developed into a counterculture lifestyle that centered less on belongings and more on artistic individualism.

Others debate that the beginning bohemians were the nomadic Romani personalities from Bohemia in the Czech Republic. The Romani people rejected mainstream lifestyles and were upset against societal norms. One thing continues the same no matter the origin—being bohemian means existing in an unconventional lifestyle. This lifestyle translates to a modern-day bohemian style with a choice of expression through clothing. Think relaxed and straightforward silhouettes paired with casual accessories. The result? An overall aesthetic, creative mishmash of boho features. 

What is Boho Style in Women’s Fashion? 

At its heart, bohemian style is about being free—in mind, body, and soul. A laid-back, emotional essence characterizes it. Free-spirited, women’s boho style has continuously grown throughout the years, but the hype has continued strong. Unstructured silhouettes, original fabrics, and folk-inspired designs are quintessential boho details. The best part? Boho style is all about combining these components with ease. Comfy and stylish? It’s a win-win. 

Stitch Fix women’s boho outfit featuring a red floral-print dress, blue woven clutch, and red wedges.

Boho chic fashion is a modern take on the boho aesthetic that has become a global fashion sensation. It pulls from various bohemian style influences, focusing on a more sophisticated flair, typically combining bold bohemian details with simple, modern pieces. Wayfarer, hippie, and 70s style trends add to this elevated boho style for women. 

The term “boho chic” became popular when celebs Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller started embracing one-of-a-kind boho looks circa 2005. Spotted on Y2K fashion representations, peasant-style dresses, floppy hats, and slouchy shoes became mainstream sensibilities. Mary-Kate Olsen made boho chic a household style with her affinity for voluminous maxi dresses in the early 2000s; we can’t overlook the oversized shades that added exciting flair. 

Today, boho-chic fashion has appeared with a distinct twenty-first-century bohemian era. Music celebrations like Bonnaroo and Coachella Valley, Music and Arts Festival have restored the boho-chic style movement. Concert goers take bohemian fashion’s warm and nostalgic building blocks and change them to a contemporary appearance. High-waisted shorts, crochet crop tops, and body jewels have become token festival essentials. You can appreciate celebrities, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez.

Stitch Fix women’s boho cowboys fit highlighting a blue stripe-tiered maxi dress, straw hat, sunglasses, and slide wedgies.

Are we looking for a fresh way to renew a bohemian look? Add a boho-chic sense to 2021 spring women’s fashion trends, blend boho aesthetics with throwback 70s fashions, Cottagecore, and Desert Daze for a new bohemian style that is all your own. 

70s Inspired Boho Chic Fashion

Boho fashion is frequently associated with women’s 70s hippie fashion. These groovy styles are getting a severe comeback in today’s fashion era. Bestow a boho-chic kind to a 70s inspired look by wearing midi-length plain outfits with trending puff sleeves clothes. Cover the inner flower child of your 70s bohemian fashion ideas with flatform sandals and a sewn crossbody bag. Be sure to use a flower crown in your hair and some boho-inspired braids for more vintage vibes.

Stitch Fix Women’s outfit laydown featured a multi-colored floral print top with a mint green crossbody bag, light blue jeans, and white slide sandals.

Cottagecore Meets Boho Chic Style

Cottage core is one of our preferred trends, and it’s simple to add a boho-chic feel to this vibrant aesthetic. Look for intricate crochet overlays and light silhouettes for a beautiful combo of boho style and romantic cottage core. A chunky knit cardigan ideally complements a feminine smocked blouse in a micro floral print. A cornerstone of cottage core and bohemian fashion is the use of original materials. Search for sustainable labels to tap into the eco-friendly idea of both cottage core and chic boho fashion. 

Stitch Fix women’s boho outfit highlighting a red floral print top with a yellow crossbody bag, olive green drawstring shorts, and brown strappy slippers.

Desert Daze: the Mod Variant of Boho Chic 

Modern-day fashionistas have redefined the boho-chic way with the “Desert Daze” trend. Earthy hues like terracotta, ocean blue, mustard yellow, and cool neutrals give a brand-new spin on women’s boho style. The key to breaking this look is in the details. Reach for items that blend soft and structured materials. This design will create an outfit with a harmonious blend of textural characteristics. Slouchy sweaters that showcase handcrafted features—detailed macrame-inspired guides, poms, and fringe offer a laid-back, boho touch. Contrast a charming “Desert Daze” top with the combination of woven pants in a flared silhouette. Don’t overlook adding a pair of white ankle boots. Now you’ll be moving out in boho-chic style.

Must-Have Items For Boho Style

So how do you drive today’s version of women’s bohemian fashion? It’s all regarding maximizing your wardrobe’s versatility and showcasing your unconventional personality. We’ve got you covered with several must-have items to rock boho fashion like a pro. 

Stitch Fix women’s image using boho style navy blue printed grecian goddess dress in brown slide sandals.

Elegant Boho Style Maxi-Dresses

There’s something about a boho-style maxi dress that we’ll ever love. Perhaps it’s because it’s an effortlessly fashionable all-in-one outfit. Or maybe it’s that fashion that encourages us to twirl around. No matter the reason, a feminine maxi dress is forever a go-to for obtaining that it-girl bohemian fashion. When in uncertainty, opt for a universally flattering wrap-style maxi dress in an ikat impression. Shift into comfy slide sandals, add a woven bag and do a spin in the mirror. 

Stitch Fix women’s model wearing boho fashion yellow floral print jumpsuit with a sky-blue jean jacket and light blue chunky sandals.

Wide-Leg Jumpsuits

Fuel your wanderlust this term in a wide-leg jumpsuit. To give this one-and-done way a boho twist, I prefer a wide-leg silhouette in a whimsical print. A smocked bodice helps to consider out the volume on the bottom half. Go for a bold yellow-flowered jumpsuit to unleash your courageous side. Keep this boho fashion modern by wearing a jean jacket and admiring what shoes to wear with a jumpsuit? Block heels, sporty sandals, or sneakers conserve you comfy as you jet-set off to another idyllic purpose. 

Slouchy Knit Cardigans and Sweaters

Add dimension to your boho fashion by layering on an intimate cardigan. For your next concert, clothe yourself in a thickset knit cardigan over a recycled band tee. A wide-brimmed hat provides this get-up extra rock-n-roll feels. For a glance that feels boho, grab a slouchy sweater. Use it off the shoulder with a lace bralette underneath. Complete with distressed mom jeans for an appearance that is oh so now. Don’t overlook a pair of over-the-knee boots that will have you pushing to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.

Lightweight Open Front Layers

One of the most straightforward styles to renew your boho is to throw on a patterned open front woven. This effortlessly chic layering piece immediately improves a simple black dress or casual outfit. Throw on a crochet open front woven above your swimsuit for a boho beach-ready look, up the excitement in a lace trim top and olive drawstring shorts. This combo sets perfectly with a floral print open front woven. Now that’s what Bohemian-style ideas combination. 

Wide-Leg Pants

While we’ll constantly have a unique place in our heart for skinny jeans and leggings, boho style is best by less-fitted bottoms. Wide-leg ways are a new choice for achieving a bohemian look. The most satisfying part? The open leg line helps maintain your cool under the desert sun. We are questioning how to wear wide-leg pants? Keep the appearance proportionate. Use an eye-catching pair of folk print wide-leg pants, top it off with a single knot front tee. Add extra boho fashion points by taking a tee with embroidered details. Polish off the appearance with espadrilles, and you’re able to embrace your wandering spirit.     

Eclectic Layered Jewelry

You’ve heard of the expression less is more. When it comes to women’s boho-style jewelry, we say the more different, the more pleasing. Free-spirited bohemians don’t shy apart from living themselves. So, don’t be hesitant to go big with your accessories—layer various necklaces or stack on several bracelets in many colors and textures, incorporating natural factors such as turquoise, stone, or wood beads adds a natural aura to your bohemian appearances. Are you feeling bolder? Wear a combination of colorful feather earrings, and you’ll feel like a free bird. 

Patterned Hair Accessories

Headbands and hair accessories are having a meaningful moment right now. This above-the-keyboard-friendly way is one of our favorite secrets to looking pulled together. Combine these accessories to your WFH turn in various prints. Trust us, retro floral blossoms and colorful paisley headbands complement boho fashion. Next time you’re wondering what to use while working from home, throw on a printed headband. A tie-dye selection will keep the good bohemian vogue chi going all day long––groovy. 

Feeling Inspired, welcome your inner bohemian spirit and combine new boho fashions to your closet? Take your fashion quiz, order a Fix and ask your stylist for a bohemian Fix. You can unwind trying everything on at home, plus shipping and returns are always free.

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