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7 Tips to Protect Dedicated Server From Cyberattacks in UAE

by Melanie Peterson

Every website owner with enough experience in the web hosting industry is aware of the fact that the dedicated server is the most compelling web hosting solution one can get. However, in order to get the utmost security & safety, you must obtain the best-dedicated server Hosting in UAE & execute data protection measures diligently. Through this guide, we have highlighted beneficial tips to attain high-level security on your dedicated web server. Let us first begin with apprehending the risks one might encounter while hosting a website on a dedicated server in UAE.

What Are the Security Risks Involved in Dedicated Servers UAE

DDoS attack

The denial of service attack (DDoS) is a highly destructive security threat for your UAE dedicated server, which floods your web hosting server with traffic through malicious systems. It has the ability to make the large-scale upheaval of your website. When any website is hosted on a dedicated server UAE, it usually implies that the website possesses & targets a huge customer base & advancing online reputation. Such websites are the major targets of DDoS attacks.


There can be an easy breach of data security due to malware on your dedicated server in UAE. This is because dedicated server hosting allows you to install any preferred applications that make your web hosting server vulnerable to malware. Malware comes with different kinds of software that are designed to filch from your dedicated web server.

Weak or breakable password

You put your dedicated server in UAE at high risk by keeping weak passwords. Hackers as well as cybercriminals these days have become highly competent and can easily break password codes. They possess the capability to make use of advanced tools & technology in order to destruct your data on your web hosting server.

Here Are a Few Tips For Protecting Your Dedicated Server in UAE

Mentioned below are listed some excellent tips for assuring complete security with dedicated server hosting in UAE. Let’s get a rapid glimpse at them!

Encrypted Data Transfer

You must opt for secure protocols while leaving out unsecured protocols in order to communicate over a network. Also, it is wise to modify the default port settings to avoid brute-force attacks on your Cheap dedicated server UAE.

Enforce Multi-factor Authentication

You must implement strong password practices to assure multi-level protection. Also, it will be highly safe if you can ensure to update your password frequently.

Employ Private Networks and VPNs

You must execute a secure as well as a virtual network that possesses restricted access & encourages personal communication. They must also have the apt authorization settings for the right users.

Manage Users Login

With the dedicated servers UAE, you must effectively manage users’ login. You should avoid employing root access in SSH and construct distinct accounts for diverse roles.

Assuring Web Application Security

You must make sure to update your web applications at right time. You must also scan them with the help of remote security tools as well as execute a firewall for them.

Routine Scanning and Testing

You must ensure to keep routine testing & scanning of your dedicated web server. You should also inspect for any unusual behavior or malicious activity on your website regularly.

Maintain Your Database

You must secure your database against SQL injection. This can be done by keep updating your database. You must minimize the access for the database users and discard undesirable data to assure full security.

Buy Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE From Hostbillo

Further, in order to make the best use of your dedicated server in UAE to acquire the utmost security, you must seek a dependable & recognized web host such as Hostbillo. Hostbillo is a web hosting company in UAE that renders bare-metal & highly secure dedicated web server hosting at the most viable pricing.

The company is favorably renowned for providing cutting-edge web hosting facilities as well as seamless 24/7 technical support. It has gained many awards for accommodating a varied array of websites globally. Your website gains resilient & advanced data security measures like end-to-end encryption, antivirus software, DDoS protection, malware scan, and many more with the cheap dedicated server UAE.

This permits you to enable your website to get protection against all kinds of security threats & cyber attacks. Moreover, you obtain the following further high-grade hosting benefits with Hosbtillo’s dedicated web server hosting –

  • You get the support of enterprise-grade infrastructure & avant-garde hardware tools based on progressive web technologies.
  • The company provides efficacious & highly user-friendly control panel options to operate your UAE dedicated server with utmost ease.
  • The company further provides free SSL certificates & Softculous one-click installer for your website.
  • You receive a service level agreement that assures 99.90% uptime assurance as well as high-tech network flexibility.
  • It offers zero setup cost with 7 days credit back assurance with all the plans of a dedicated server in UAE.
  • Your website gets 100% SSD (Solid-State Drives) data storage for the fastest processing with less power consumption.
  • The company also lets you gain SSH root control of your dedicated server.
  • Hostbillo’s data center also delivers access to unlimited bandwidth as well as unbeatable data protection with the Best dedicated server hosting in UAE.


The server in UAE provides the highest profitability & value for your money investment. It offers easy customizability, hosting flexibility, maximum resource scalability, strong data protection, and considerable administrative privileges.

Moreover, with dedicated server web hosting, you can host your website with the fastest web page speed, high efficiency, ultimate security, & excellent web connectivity. Further, you can reach out to the Hostbillo web hosting company to acquire the most competent dedicated server web hosting plan with best-in-class web hosting features & advantages. Browse right away the informative site of the company to acquire more insightful details into Hostbillo’s leading & dedicated server UAE.

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