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7 Interesting Facts about WordPress and Blogging

by Melanie Peterson

The forever evolving stats and facts about WordPress and blogging can be hard to keep up. WordPress is also a brilliant platform for blogging, which comes with significant benefits. WordPress has everything to help you create creative and attractive websites from an SEO-friendly framework with easy integration. 

Okay, since you’re looking at starting a WordPress blog or website, you would be looking for facts about WordPress domination and some real evidence of what it can do. 

And perhaps maybe you’re a WordPress fan and want to convince others to join the brilliant WordPress community and to back up your suggestion, you need stats.

7 Interesting Facts about WordPress and Blogging

Blogging, which begins as a personal hobby to share one ‘s thoughts in the mid-nineties, has indeed come a very long way.

This one was initially nothing more than an extension of notebook writing, but it evolved into a powerful medium in no time. 

Quickly as possible, people will start using it as a part-time secondary source of income, and some were even successful enough to be professional bloggers full-time.

Becoming part of their marketing campaign, it is used generally by businesses.

But whatever the reason is, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for facts about WordPress and Blogging!

I find the most surprising facts about WordPress and Blogging; these facts may even surprise you. 

Let’s dive in

1. A Billion-Dollar Company

WordPress offers similar products, services, and solutions provided by hundreds of businesses and thousands of professionals worldwide.  WordPress

provides thousands of developers and entrepreneurs with excellent opportunities to create their business on WordPress.

2. WordPress “W” in Logo

The logic behind the WordPress “W” logo is Jason Santa Maria. Jason Santa is a New York designer having a passion for typography and professional background expertise. WP seemed to have no logo for two successive years, and it was introduced after the 2nd year…

3. Used by GOVT all over the World in 68 Languages

The WordPress platform is used by thousands of government websites worldwide. Almost all government sectors use WordPress, including countries, towns, schools, the movie industry, and more.

It has also been thoroughly translated into 68 languages and partially translated even further into than 12 languages.

4. WordPress is Easy and Free 

WordPress sites are easy to handle, both in terms of reliability and managing the web content from a perspective. Since, for so long, WordPress has been there. A massive community and comprehensive documentation are available on the web.

Also, there is premium support available from several developers, in addition to all the free support from the community, so if you run into a problem you just can’t work out on your own, you could always hire someone to help.

An interesting fact about WordPress is that there are almost 40k themes and free plugins are available for users. 

These plugins have also been downloaded approximately 895,270,700 times. Also, WP’s success, the introduction of new plugins and themes have a crucial role.

5. Passive Income Source

WordPress is easy to use, and nowadays, giving birth to new bloggers and developers. For them, it becomes the source of income.

On Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing platforms, hundreds of freelancing sites are offering WordPress services. And from there, they can earn up to 40$ per hour.

And when you start to look at the many other options for making money with your site or blog, it’s important to consider your options with affiliate marketing as well.

6. The top 5 SERPS gets 30% of all search traffic

It is one of the blogging facts that most bloggers would have seen before. In reality, there is not the key reason behind ranking and why you should not get #1 in SERP. But if you’d choose long-tail keywords, then you will get. 

7. If you write a blog post more than 1,500 words, on average, it receives 70% more tweets and 30% more Facebook likes

In 2020 and onward, social signals consider the Google ranking factors, including the number of shares, tweets, and likes on a post. If people give long-form content more social sharing, it will naturally rank higher on Google than 500-word blog posts.

Reports clarified that the total length of content is more than 2000 words in the top 10 search query results. Google favors long-form content.


WordPress has been 15 years old till now since it started in 2002. There are many things changed since its original from the start. But the core always features up-to-date and empowers users to create their blogs. And as it’s been updated since the time, the more facts appearing in the blogging and WordPress industry.

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