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5 Wardrobe Essentials to Style Your Baby Girl

by Maria Berg

Hey mommy, we know you doll up your little one a lot. But, no matter the occasion, she should look the best in the crowd. Well, this is the reason you probably spend hours and hours on online portals searching for that perfect dress or sandals for her. But now, we have good news for you. You need not spend your precious time wandering through the online stores looking for the essentials to make your doll look more charming. We have listed all the wardrobe essentials ranging from the right dress to the sandal for girl you’ll require, and you can get a precise idea of the things you’ll need for her for different events and occasions.

5 Wardrobe Essentials to Style Your Baby Girl

1. Frocks – A little girl looks pretty adorable in a frock! Now, as per the weather in your city, you can purchase a cotton frock, georgette, or silk one for her. Just remember, the fabric should be highly comfortable for her and shouldn’t cause any rashes or irritation on her skin. Also, if it’s a party coming soon, go for the layered frock, while if it’s for daily wear, opt for some basic patterns for her.

2. Sandal for girl – You will definitely require a sandal for girl for your little one no matter her age! She will need this comfortable footwear for her daily, casual outings and even to pair this with her ethnic wear. You get tough materials in these sandals, which make them perfect for regular outings, while there are also fancy sandals that can be as beautiful and trendy as you want for your little girl.

3. Hair accessories – Hair clips, bands, bows, pins and what not! You need all these hair accessories for her to complete the desired look. You must keep these in basic types to match your daughter’s casual attires and even the decorative ones to look impressive on her party wear. Just ensure that the hair accessories you get for her are suitable for your daughter’s hair length and volume so that she doesn’t feel discomfort wearing them.

4. Trendy bottom wear – Bottom wear is important for your child’s regular collection. You’ll need some pairs of shorts, jeans, capris and leggings for her. You can pair these with regular casual tees or party tops and even the ethnic Kurtis you get for her based on the occasion. And we know you’d be wise in picking these bottoms to wear in child-friendly fabric for your little doll.

5. T-shirts and tops – Now comes the go-to wardrobe essential for all the Mommies out there. You need dozens and dozens of tees and tops to style your baby on different occasions. For example, she might want to wear a Barbie themed t-shirt for a picnic, while a ruffled top would look just perfect for the next birthday party she’s going to attend! You’ll require all of these in trendy patterns and alluring colours to ensure your doll is always ready to rock these events in her style!

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