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5 Clothing Item You Must Avoid To Gym

by Melanie Peterson
When it comes to the clothing items for the gym, people don’t seem to be as conscious as they should be. However, much against the popular notion, your gym outfit requires the attention too. It becomes even more important if you are a trainer, as you are setting an example for many.

5 Clothing Item You Must Avoid To Gym

Here we bring you top five clothing items that you must avoid to your gym –

1. Transparent T-shirts – Cotton is an absorbent material. Although it seems appealing and comfortable enough to be worn to the gym yet the idea is a bad one. It feels quite lightweight and easy to carry but because of being an absorbent material, absorbs all the sweat and does not let it evaporate that easily. The sweat keeps on sticking to your body for a long time giving you a feeling of being drenched. The sweat may also start stinking after some time making it a very bad experience for you. Moreover, exposing the skin to prolonged spells of wetness can cause infections and  irritation. Hence, instead of cotton t-shirts, you should try wearing quick-drying synthetic t-shirts. You can also try fabrics like CoolMax or Dri Fit that hold the moisture away from the skin. Furthermore, if you ladies want to add more jazz to your attire you can opt for comfortable and colorful short dressy tops to go along with your gym capris.

2. THONGS – Thongs and fancy underwears are tempting. Women find them appealing and if you are one such fan of satin or silk made fancy panties, then you must know that they are not made for workout sessions. These materials don’t breathe. There is a great chance of your vagina’s pH balance being disturbed due to excessive sweat resulting in a yeast infection. Moreover, thong provides a pathway to the rectal bacteria to travel easily to the vagina resulting in bacterial infections. Hence, instead of thongs try something that is made of sweat-wicking material and does not irritate your skin.

3. SPORTS BRA – You may absolutely be in love with your high school sports bra, but sorry to inform you that it is not something you should wear to the gym. A wrong bra can turn your workout into an absolute disaster. Sports bras are not much supportive and will result in a lot of bouncing instead of preventing it. Also, it will not give your chest ligaments and tissues any protection against excessive stretching or stress. Instead of that sports bra, try something that is more supportive. Choose something that suits your body type and the impact of the exercise you are going to do. Also, the fabric of the bra must not be absorbent. As it is going to be directly in contact with the body, a lot of sweat will be absorbed. Make sure the stuff lets it evaporate.

4. NON-FITTING STUFF – Anything overly tight must also be avoided. Wearing stuff that is utterly body-hugging will not let you move properly! There is a possibility of the stuff getting torn due to excessive stretching leading you to a very embarrassing situation. Baggy stuff must be avoided to the gym due to safety constraints. Anything overly loose can get stuck in any of the gym equipment during exercises and land you in trouble. Although it seems like a great option for plus sized women, it can also be utterly revealing in certain poses and positions so must be avoided.

5. SWEATPANTS – Sweatpants may be your favourite attire for evening walks and morning jogs but they are not recommended for a high impact workout session at the gym. Generally made of a sweat-absorbent material, they can cause irritation to your legs. Besides, having a voluminous design, the extra clothing can get stuck in the equipment you are exercising on. Instead of baggy sweatpants, consider wearing either shorts or body-hugging pants made of sweat-wicking material. Not only will it keep you comfortable, but also a little more fashionable.

So, these were just some of the clothing items you must avoid when you get busy at the gym. Besides, you must also avoid any heavy jewellery or extra pieces of clothing like tying a long sleeved t-shirt around your waist. Overly loose tank tops are also not much suitable as gym wear. Besides that, avoid wearing uncomfortable or loosely fitted clothes.

Having a waist trainer, however, is a good idea as it complements the hard work you have been putting at the gym. Good and comfortable bodybuilding clothing will ensure that you pay more attention to your workout regime rather than worrying about your outfit. Your footwear also plays a very important role. Sneakers from a good brand are highly recommended for a pain-free workout. Shoes should be such that they safeguard your feet in case of any accidental falling of gym equipment. It becomes imperative that you invest in good quality footwear and steer clear of cloth/canvas shoes.

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