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10 Worst Food That Shouldn’t Be Part Of Kids Diet

by Melanie Peterson
Feeding babies is an important thing as they cannot able to digest all kinds of food items. The foods that are fed for the babies should be liquid one. The food chart for baby should consist of both solid and liquid foods. The solid foods are introduced to the babies at the correct time and this should be healthier and easily digestible. Your 6 month baby food chart should not contain some of the foods as this may cause various constipation and other diseases.

Worst foods for your kids

The kids have the soft tummy and the digestive process works well only with the liquidy items. Therefore even the solid foods should be mashed and fed to the kids. This gives them complete health care and also it makes them feel free. The worst foods for your kids are as follows

  • Honey – Honey is the dangerous food item that should not be given to the newborn babies. This is because the bacteria are present in the honey. Therefore the intake of the honey in both the raw or processed food is not good.
  • Soda – The soda is the worst thing for the babies even though this could be the intake for the good drink for the adults. This causes obesity in children and also a diabetic problem. This is not good for your babies. 
  • Cheese – The preserved items like cheese, pasta, and other things are not good food for 6 month baby as it can affect the health condition of your babies. So it is always recommended to avoid such foods. The chemicals like sodium, phosphate and other things are added in the foods and this causes many health problems. So it is always better to exclude the food from the 6 month baby food chart.
  • Fruit snacks – The snacks that are made with the fruit items like the jelly, bubble gum and others are not good for babies. These items are gummy in nature and therefore it is not good for your baby food diet. Instead of feeding your infants with the processed fruit snacks it is always better to feed the fresh fruits. 
  • Groundnut bar – Never add the groundnut bar in the 6 month baby food chart as this may harm the health condition of the babies. The feeding these groundnut bar harms the stomach and your babies could not able to digest it in time. Since the babies do not have the teeth they cannot able to grind the foods and this may cause some serious problems if you feed without noticing these things. 
  • Frozen meats and snacks – Always the meats are the dangerous food items even for the grown babies. If it so means then what about the newborn babies. The infants have the soft digestive system and therefore it takes so much of the time to digest. Even though the meat consists of the vitamin D nutrients this can be the worst one as this food contains the many bacteria in it. Not only meat but also some of the fishes are dangerous and therefore it should not be included in the food chart for baby.
  • Sauces – The tomato ketchup and the sauces are not prepared naturally. The companies are manufacturing it by adding the chemical and this may cause serious problems for the kids. This may cause stomach pain for your babies or some other problems. Your baby food diet should be full of the natural, mashed, liquid and semi solid items. 
  • Raw cow milk – The cow milk contains many bacteria and therefore even heated cow milk is not the good one for the babies. Thus instead of feeding the raw milk, it is always recommended by the pediatrician to include breast milk as the best 6 month old baby food. 
  • Pasta or noodles – The preserved foods always contain the chemicals and other things and therefore it reduces the health condition of the babies. Before feeding the noodles and the pasta and other food items it is highly recommended that the parents should avoid this food for 6 month baby. The digestion of these food items is risky for the babies and it leads to constipation, vomiting and many other diseases. 
  • Candies – The candies are the gummy substance and also contain a lot of the sugar. These gummy substances take more time to digest and it even causes skin problems for your babies. Even the candies are having chemical flavors and are the worst thing for the babies. The 6 month old baby food should not contain the candies and other chocolate items.

These kinds of foods just harm the health condition of your babies and reduce the growth of the immune systems and the health diseases of the babies. The foods should always be stored in stainless steel or the other materials except for the plastic items. The storing of the foods is not a good thing as this can cause many health problems.

Always try to feed your babies with the hygienic and the homemade foods. The foods should be prepared freshly and served without any heat. As babies cannot able to withstand the temperature of the food and start crying. You should also keep in mind that the foods should be given at the correct time otherwise some babies may even start to cry. 

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