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Which Seat Cover Material is Best for My Car?

by Melanie Peterson
Which Seat Cover Material is Best for My Car?

Cars can last for several years but the novelty may fade eventually. Owing to the fact that a yearly fashion-change is not only pertaining to clothes but for automobiles too, newly-developed models are continuously introduced every year. That means the more new models there are, the more your car gets outdated. Sometimes, the aging of a vehicle is not really noticed if you keep it its brand-new appearance by giving a proper care and cleaning from time to time. A well-maintained interior is a representation of how cars are given complete care and detailing. One way to keep the cleanliness and modernity of your car’s interior is by installing car seat covers that will protect the original seats from being antiquated over time. You can choose from a wide variety of materials used in fabric covers and few are listed below:

Leather Seat Cover

Leather is a timeless statement whether for clothes, bags, shoes, and even for car seat covers too. The leather style is adding an upscale ambiance to your car because of its classic appearance. While the natural material leaves a smooth feeling to your skin whenever you sit on it. Plus, the texture does not absorb dust particles, keeping your seats free from annoying motes of dust. But since leather is not a man-made material, this can be susceptible to cracks due to hot and cold contraction over time. And so leather requires a special protection against breakage compared to other materials. Although you can use protective products (especially created for leather) to bring back the lost moisture.

Washable seat covers

Washable seat covers are ideal for car users with accompanying pets on every travels and joyrides. While your pets are sitting on your car seats, scattered fur all over is surely inevitable. Sometimes, dogs or cats are  fond of scratching on every surface, leaving your seats with ruined marks. Instead of buying a  new car seat after damage, you can use a washable car seat cover to protect the seats from animal scratches and scattered fur in the cracks.

Neoprene Seat Cover

For best protection from  stains, dirt, and liquid spills, we got neoprene seat covers for you. You can’t help but bring snacks on long drives. But as your vehicle moves, the chance of getting stained from spilt food and drinks is inescapable. Once these substances mark on the seats, it would take a lot of effort to remove them. However, strong stains might get a little difficult to wash away and you have no other option but to replace it with something new. So if you’re the type of driver who always brings food in travels, neoprene seat cover is right for your seats. The neoprene material has the ability to resist liquid, dirt, and stains, keeping the car seats free from undesirable marks. Also, neoprene cover looks like the car seats itself for this type perfectly fits to the actual size and contours of a car seat. So you won’t notice that there’s actually a cover on it.

Sheepskin Seat Cover

The sheepskin material is perfect for a luxury vehicle. Not only it lays out a posh appearance but it also gives a comfort feeling for its tenderly soft texture. You would understand how sheepskin quality sells itself. However, this material needs a special care due to its nonresistance to water, dirt, and stain.

Canvas Seat Cover

Of all these fabric materials, canvas has a hundred percent quality, durability, and water resistance. Hence, it’s no surprise that canvas cover is widely used for trading vehicles which usually require an optimum car seat protection. Compared to other covers, canvas is the only fabric that can last longer with its five-year warranty. Although, it’s not ideal for family use due to its strong suit and rough texture.

By: Sarah Contreras

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