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Vehicle Accident? 4 Things to Consider with Auto Collision Repairs

by Melanie Peterson

Getting into a vehicle collision is shocking at first. It’s also it’s like an unwanted gift that keeps on giving. Dealing with the people involved in the accident, insurance companies, and then arranging to have the collision repairs taken care of is a serious pain.

Maybe you’re left with a partly mangled sedan, SUV, or truck. Are you wondering how well it can be repaired? Here are 4 things to consider when it comes to auto collision repairs.

Proficient & Experienced with Accident Repairs

The auto repair service provider needs to have the ability to perform both auto body repairs and re-spray any exterior parts of the vehicle that require it. 

It’s necessary to pick a workshop that’s proficient with collision repair work. Ideally, they should have decades of experience behind them. If they have an ASE certificate and/or an I-CAR Gold level certification, all for the better. 

Know that collision repairs are tricky. They need an engineer to correctly diagnose what is damaged, and the parts that should be replaced or repaired. Dented or scratched panels will need to be resprayed. The color matching must be perfect to not look out of place when the panel is refitted. This requires special skills; you’ll notice immediately when it’s a little off.

Access to Replacement Parts

The auto repairer needs good access to replacement parts from the leading suppliers in the region. The larger the workshop, and the more jobs they do, the more orders are placed for parts. As a result, the suppliers may prioritize their orders. 

As such, it can pay to work with a busy repairer that performs auto bodywork and regularly handles sizable collision repairs. Also, they may be able to access difficult-to-source parts that other workshops cannot. This reduces any completion delay due to waiting on part availability. 

Customer Service

Customer Services need to be handled well by the autobody shop. Otherwise, you deliver your car (or it’s either towed or recovered in), and then you’ve got no idea what’ll happen from there. 

They should be proactive in providing updates on expected completion dates for the repair work. However, these dates aren’t set in stone. Even though an initial assessment is performed to review the extent of the damage and what parts will be required, more damage may be discovered in the course of the repair work. Then additional parts go on order and the completion date is moved back. 

Of course, should parts arrive sooner than expected (excluding the ones already in stock), then a repair may be completed sooner. 

Either way, having access to a website with updates or being phoned or messaged about completion estimates should be included in the package. This way, you won’t remain carless and in the dark. 

Access to a Rental Car

Extra policyholder benefits, like a special arrangement for a courtesy car during repair work, might be included in your insurance policy. It pays to verify if this is the case or if the insurer has a preferential arrangement with a nationwide auto rental company for discounted rates.  

Failing that, some auto body shops have access to discounted rental car options for people who are losing their only ride into town. 

While your car being out of action for a spell is inconvenient, choosing a decent auto body repairer makes it less problematic.

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