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Types of Digital Marketing and Which One is Right For Your Business

by Melanie Peterson
Business has gone online and has brought in its wake digital marketing strategies. Over time such strategies have separated into distinct channels with some interdependencies and overlaps. One can broadly classify digital marketing into search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing and viral marketing. Not all strategies suit all types of business and one must know which one is right. Here are some pointers to help.

Types of Digital Marketing and Which One is Right For Your Business

Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization or SEO revolves around a website that forms the crux of a company’s business operations. Given its scope and extent, it is better to engage an SEO company to carry out all strategies that the term covers. SEO has two parts. One is on site SEO that optimizes a sites pages, theme, layout, navigation structure and content with inclusion of appropriate, well-researched keywords. Off site SEO includes a host of activities that ultimately result in increased targeted traffic to the site, improved visibility in searches and consequently, increased revenues. This is a long term strategy and suited for companies with business operations that transcend borders.

PPC or search engine marketing 

In contrast to SEO which is organic, search engine marketing or pay per click advertising relates to buying advertising space on search result pages. The company handling the PPC campaign must research keywords and develop an appropriate strategy to determine best ROIs such as targeting a broader, global audience or narrow-casting to specific geographical areas or even display in news feeds or social media feeds. This strategy works for companies that wish immediate results and target specific audiences in specific markets. Apart from this, if you need any help related to Adwords then you can contact an Adwords Management Services provider for best results of your campaign.

Content marketing 

Search engines emphasize the importance of informative, useful and new content as a way to satisfy online searchers who are constantly looking to enhance their knowledge store and make informed purchase decisions. Content marketing can cover such routine activities as blog posts, articles posted to various authority sites, forum posting sites, social media, tweets and PRs. It brings about greater exposure and depicts the company as a reliable authority on a topic. Content marketing may not have direct impact on sales but it does indirectly influence buyers and create brand images. Companies that have products or services that they wish should stand out in a crowded market space will find this a useful adjunct to other online digital marketing activities and content creation as well as posting is best left to a specialist content marketing company with the right talent and understanding of a client’s products and processes. When one talks about content social media is not far away. That search engines give weightage to social media activities is another reason to push content on this platform on which the right SMO company can work wonders to create an ever increasing flow of content that keeps increasing followers and impresses influencers.

Which one to choose? These do not operate in separate disconnected channels but there is a fusion along the way. One single tactic yields limited benefit. A business enterprise can go in for SEO with a long term view and simultaneously implement SEM/PPC at the same time to get immediate results by way of sales. Creating brand images and impressions works through content strategies on various channels, especially social media and it is something that cannot be ignored.

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