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Top Luxury Villas in Phuket, Thailand

by Melanie Peterson

Do you know that Thailand is the most visited country in the world? It is not surprising though, given Thailand has so many beautiful cities to explore, one of them is Phuket. Phuket offers gorgeous oceans as well as easy-to-access white-sand beaches with impressive views. These become the main reasons why many famous movies were shot here. For those of you who plan to spend a luxury vacation in Phuket, here are some top luxury villas in Thailand, specifically in Phuket.

Baan Amandeha Villa

The first luxury property in Thailand is Baan Amandeha Villa in Phuket. This villa is a piece of heaven. Located on the peninsula of Tanjung Panwa, this villa is ideal for you who want to explore southern islands of Phuket. With 10 bedrooms and a private bathroom for each, Baan Amandeha Villa can accommodate up to 30 guests, making it suitable if you vacation with a big family or group. There is also a hot tub and infinity pool where you can get relaxed while enjoying the ocean’s view.

To add luxury, this villa also provides cleaning services and concierge to answer all your questions and demands during your stay here.

Sri Panwa Villa

If you are looking for a beachfront luxury villa in Thailand, especially Phuket, Sri Panwa Villa is a perfect choice. This 4-bedroom villa has everything. Instead of just one infinity pool, it has 4 infinity pools, as well as household assistant staff, tennis court, and pool table. Every element in this villa is in the Mediterranean style, designed to make your vacation memorable. Therefore, it is not surprising that this 5-star villa becomes a home for tourists all around the world.

For your information, Sri Panwa Villa is named as one of the best 5 resorts in Thailand. This property is just right for any activities, from getting relaxed with an exclusive spa, enjoying chef-made foods, having fun at the beach, to just witnessing the outstanding view of the ocean.


With high windows and beachfront views in each room, this stylish and modern villa is the right option for you who wish for experiencing living on the coast, no matter the activities. Anayara is a luxury villa that can accommodate up to 10 people, making it perfect for a holiday with a big family. This villa also has a terrace where you can get relaxed enjoying the breathtaking view. The infinity pool is another ideal place to enjoy the beauty of the ocean.

Even the pool’s design will make you feel like part of the ocean. Do not miss playing at the beach since it is totally easy to access it from the villa.

Baan Heaven Villa

Located on the cliff of the Patpong Bay with spacious interior, Baan Heaven Villa is a strong competitor for those looking for an extraordinary villa. Its 5 bedrooms can accommodate up to 15 guests. Its luxury comes as a dedicated chef, 24-hour concierge, hot tub, and private pool. There is even an iMac computer that you can use during your stay.

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